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Blog Posted on 13/08/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

These Gambling Superstitions Super Casino Are Sure To Amaze You!

As gambling is all about luck, it is beyond doubt that superstition plays a major part in it. There are lots of players who have their own beliefs and superstitions that they follow while playing super casino. From choosing the right colour to placing a defined bet, there are quite a lot of them. Each of these superstitions has some myths related to them. If you are also someone who believes in the concept of fortune and misfortune, then you can have a look into these superstitions. Who knows, they may come to your guidance and help you in big or prevent you from losing.

gambling superstitions

Colours and Shades Play A Significant Role When It Comes To Super Casino Gambling

Quite a lot of players believe that wearing red brings luck. This is one reason why you can see lots of players wearing red dresses in the super casino. Similarly, while choosing a card or symbol, quite a lot of people opt for red ones. According to them, the symbol will help them win big money. This superstition is quite prevalent in Asia, and most Chinese gamblers follow this tradition. Red is the symbol of prosperity in China and so they believe in this superstition. Even some of the casino houses in China are painted in red colour.

The way you Seat Also Determines Whether You Win Or Lose In Super Casino

You may be surprised to know that the seating posture is also considered to be a superstition among gamblers. Quite a lot of players believe that sitting cross-legged on a casino table brings misfortune and ruins the chances of winning. In the same way, if you cross your fingers while playing, you may win that game. So, while the leg brings nag luck, the fingers are supposed to be the harbinger of good luck. Another weird superstition is that you should not enter the casino from the main entrance as it may bring losses. This superstition originated from the fact that players had to cross the main entrance of the MGM casino that was shaped like a lion’s jaw.

Once upon a time, someone lost quite a bit of money after counting at the casino table and it gave rise to the superstition that counting money brings ill luck. This one is more prevalent among gamblers of card games. Most players in the United States do not accept 50-dollar bills as they consider it to be bad luck. It is considered unlucky because gangsters used to stuff 50 dollars into the pockets of those they murdered.

Numbers Play A Significant Role In Gambling Superstitions

Last but not least; most players consider the number 13 as unlucky. If you pick up the number 13 in a super casino, it is considered that you will lose all the money. This is more prevalent in western nations than the east and has a biblical significance. On the other hand, 7 is considered to be a lucky number. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and so has a special significance in gambling.

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