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Blog Posted on 15/05/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How to Get Ladyluck on Your Side

The most important query arising in your mind is, does ladylucks exist or do you make your own? Quite a tough question isn’t it? A lot of it depends on your perception and how your current situation is.

Every now and then, studies have been conducted to answer this perennial question. Some attribute the ladylucks presence to perseverance, forethought and intelligence, while others sum it up as fate, karma and spiritual presence.

There is no originating story on why luck is personified as a female. But it seems the ancient Romans worshipped Fortuna, the goddess of luck. Similar to the whims and fortunes of the female, luck has the same tendencies of granting and withdrawing your wishes on occasions.

From time immemorial, it’s said that fortune and luck favours the brave. It is more particularly true in the casino gambling, where the risk takers have a better chance of winning than the safe player.

The players themselves believe that the ladylucks good fortune will smile throughout their gaming session. In doing so, they are succumbing to the popular hot hand fallacy effect. Expecting their good fortune to not last for long, they start making better bets, taking safe decisions and in general playing safe. In a way they are encouraging the Hot Hand effect/fallacy and continuing their winning streak.

On the other extreme, there is the Gambler’s Fallacy. The players believe that their losing streak will have to end at some time and the ladylucks fortune will start smiling again. In this false notion, they make bad judgements, wrong bets and contribute to their losing streak. In this process, drying up their bankroll and running up huge debts.

Does good or bad luck follow you?

Answering this tricky question is like opening a tap. You will get continuous and strong reactions from every direction; from scientists, philosophers, teachers, businessmen, and in general, from everyone. Consider the casino gambling scenario. The players will consider the ladylucks hand in everything they do. Be it the casino table game, slot machine game or even their favourite dealer. Everything has to be the same or else they will become paranoid.

Does this mean that the ladylucks will always follow you? Not necessarily. Luck has a different effect on different people. It is how we react to the difficult situations and the course of action that we take, which has an influence on luck.

In a game of Blackjack, your past decisions regarding the playing cards will determine the outcome of the current hand. In a way you are influencing ladylucks to favour you. But it is mostly the skill level that counts here.

You might consider the players to be optimistic about their gameplay and winnings. But it is more likely that their pessimism, which plays a bigger role. They are worried about losing their winnings that make them start playing better.

So Does ladylucks hand exists

This is quite a tough question. From a gamblers perspective, ladylucks has a big hand in their winning fortunes. But nothing can substitute common sense, skill and a thorough knowledge about the gameplay. Understanding the game basic, rules, payouts and strategies is what will give you your winning chance.

Knowing when to quit and realising that gambling should be just for fun, will more likely have the ladylucks smile over you. If you enjoy your games without trying to make it your obsession, she will shower her blessings on you a lot more.

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