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Blog Posted on 13/10/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament – Play to win £10k

The Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament presents itself as a golden opportunity for all those who are looking to get real fun and a huge winning amount by playing Blackjack game. The Blackjack game is undoubtedly counted as one of the most popular casino games across the world and if you have what it takes to bet right, then you are in for a treat. The game appeals to the players who don’t just play but play in style and if you consider yourself among that group, then Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament is the one place to prove it to the world.

Divided into four segments, you can enroll and show off your skills from 2nd October to 29th October which will decide the Grand Final participants. The players with the highest win every day will be considered for the Grand Final. To jump on the top spot, you need to be the player with the highest net cash winner on any Blackjack game. To help you stay updated and adjust your sails, the website will publish results every day at 12 noon. So gear up your mobiles, desktops and tablets for the Blackjack tournament and be ready to win as much as £5,000 by doing what you love-playing Blackjack the right way.

Wondering if there are some strict rules following the grand Blackjack Tournament, breathe easy as there are no hidden rules, just big money waiting. If you are winning big on Probability, GTECH Bingo and Casino Networks, then that will also be included in the final qualification result. The players who are selected cannot exchange their place nor ask anyone else to take their position on the Final Day. Failure to attend the final will lead to forfeiting of the prize, so save the date as we take you on this exclusive tour to Blackjack game haven.

All the finalists that make it through will be travelled to Gibraltar for the Blackjack Tournament scheduled to take place on 14th November 2015 where we will keep you busy till 15th with an entertaining and super exciting schedule. While at Gibraltar, you will be served and attended in a royal manner. All the expenses of travel, dining and drinking shall be managed by our staff. The four finalists will be staying at the exclusive and regal Sunborn Yacht Hotel loaded with unmatched delicacies and luxury. They will be dined in Gibraltar’s first class restaurants and bars along with a VIP tour of The Rock.

The tournament takes care of all Blackjack game players by providing the non-winners an opportunity to grab the full package for £1,250 only or by making a grand comeback for a value as low as £250. So the Blackjack tournament has something to offer to everyone making it extremely popular and hyped among Blackjack players.

The Final winner will take away the £5,000 and it doesn’t end here as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranks will get 25%, 15% and 10% respectively of the total £10,000 pool. We will contact the winners using the details provided so make sure you make the right entry while registering. All the UK residents are invited to join the tournament as this will be attended by thousands of players just like you. With advantages pouring in from every direction, don’t have second thoughts about joining the league as such golden opportunities do not present themselves frequently.

Grab your gadget and put on your best Blackjack game to earn the top spot at the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament which is guaranteed fun and money.

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