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Blog Posted on 24/06/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

A Quick Glimpse of Online slot games: From concept to experience

Stepping foot in Mobile casino town can be an overwhelming experience for a first-timer. A wide range of both fascinating and contrasting gambling games to choose from makes heads turn and dopamine splash everywhere. One of the front-runners of the gambling world is slot gaming. It has been in the running as a fan-favourite since the early 19th century. The good news is one does not have to run to sin city to play slot games anymore. With the advent of mobile slot games, the whole experience of gambling can be brought closer to home.

What is a slot game?

 A slot game or slot machine game essentially is a game of chance that involves spinning a reel that bears certain symbols or pictures. For playing slot online, a virtual reel is spun following which, the symbol or picture at which the reel comes to a stop determines the fate of the player.

Online slot games are a type of slot game that has gained much momentum lately because of their outstanding graphics, simulated user interface, and assured credibility.

A Quick Glimpse of Online slot games: From concept to experience

How are online slot games developed?

Before an online slot game is laid out for public use, months and years of groundwork go into the production process. This involves some painstaking jobs done by a group of seasoned software developers, game designers, game server developers, UI developers, front-end developers, mathematicians, etc. to provide a make-believe gambling experience to the player.

There are a few curated stages of development following which users can avail slot machine games online.

#1. Coming up with the concept

The game developers create a storyline based on a particular theme which would influence the end result. While doing so, they scrutinize the interests and expectations of their target audience.

This theory has given rise to some of the best online slot games that are based on the themes of Game Of Thrones, the Simpsons, South Park, the classic fruit-themed slots, etc. The goal is to come up with an original yet sensational slot game that sees the best online slot games eye to eye.

The pop-culture-themed online slot games involve a much elaborate production process that requires the accuracy of the game to level with that of the brand and attainment of licensing rights.

#2. The first draft of the game

Once the layout of the game is set in motion, it is built into a prototype that checks for the feasibility of the game and potential loopholes in the final product. This model works as a control for the game development process against which alterations and their outcomes can be measured.

#3. The raw finished product

In this stage, the developers aim to see the making of the game until the end. This version sure misses the glitz and glam of a brand new game, but it lays the foundation over which the final product will be built.

In this version, the game developers hardwire the basic algorithm of mathematical probability into the game that ensures a random outcome every time the online slot is spun.

The game developers also integrate a mishmash of built-in small wins and big wins to increase user engagement.

#4. The final finished product

After the basic version is ready, it is now time to add some extravaganza onto it. It all boils down to the creative instinct of the graphics team. Keeping in mind the theme of the game, the backdrop is created, characters are assigned, symbols and pictures on the slot reels are finalized. They may also use a formula different from the conventional slot reels.

A Quick Glimpse of Online slot games: From concept to experience

The other team members would work on developing and incorporating sound and 3D effects into the game simultaneously.

These online slot games are written using the HTML5 programming language, which allows the games to be used in different platforms doing away with the tedious process of building the algorithm multiple times.

#5. Trial sessions

If a game replete with bugs and errors is released into the market, months of hard work and heaps of money will get taken away with the trash.

That is why an extensive trial session by a quality assurance and control team is employed before releasing the slot game online. This ensures that the randomness of the software is intact after consecutive uses, devoid of manipulation, and the outcomes are not continuously repetitive.

#6. The grand opening

When a new game is launched into the market, there needs to be quite the publicity done to make it the talk of the town. The same goes for online slot games.

The right promotional activities can make even a new game a chart-buster. A flashy trailer launch or interviews are common ways to do so. Even the best paying online slot games are made available to play for free in different casino hosting websites, UK slot games are one such domain.

Such detailed precision and a structured policy give birth to the best slot games online which are nothing short of a craftsman’s marvel.

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