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Blog Posted on 20/10/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Goldify – The Lucky Gold Mobile Slots game!

Do you have the golden touch? Would you like the chance to use virtual powers to turn winnings into Lucky Gold? Well, on Goldify, the newest game offering from Vegas Mobile Casino, you sure do!

About the Game Developers

Vegas Mobile Casino is one of the best online gambling casinos from Britain, bringing you a Las Vegas experience on your smartphone or mobile device. With over 27 games to choose from, all of the games can be played in HD, with impressive graphics and are compatible with all smartphones, both for Android and iOS. Gamers can rest assured as their winnings and gameplay are all secure on the Vegas Mobile Casino site in keeping with Gibraltar’s Gambling Act of 2005.

How to Goldify, the Lucky Gold?

Goldify is an addictive and fun mobile gambling game that grants you the Midas Lucky Gold touch; like the mythical king of yore, who could change anything into Lucky Gold with a mere touch of his fingers, you can touch game elements and turn them into gold in front of your eyes. With clear HD graphics and an impressive game layout, you can start playing and betting on a wide range of exciting mobile slots with as low as 1p and increase your winnings as much as 2000 times, depending on your reel spin. The Goldify game lets you select the reel symbols that you wish to turn to Lucky Gold. You can then proceed to win up to 5 times the value of these symbols.

Some of the game features include:

• Paylines: You can choose from 1, 10, 20, 30 or 40

• Reels: The game has a 5 reel slot

• Free spins: The Goldify game is based on the concept of free spins. You can win up to 100 free spins on the app, with 5 – 50 autospins

• Jackpot: 2000 times the wagered amount.

• Stakes: 0.01p – £1.00 per line

• Reel symbols:

  • King Midas: This is the wild card and can substitute for all of the other symbols except for the scattered roses. It cannot be turned to Lucky Gold. In case the Wild King Midas appears on the reels, you can substitute it to create a winning payline and upon adding the Stacked Wilds to the game, you can enjoy a continued winning spree.

  • Scattered rose: If you land 3 or more of the scattered rose symbols on a reel, you can win up to 2000 times the betted amount. This cannot be turned to Lucky Gold either.

  • Other symbols include Woman, Pegasus, Helmet, Lyre, Ring, Pedestal, Amphora, Apple Pie, Drink and Doughnut

Bonus features:

  • You can Goldify all of the reel symbols, except for the King Midas and the scattered rose. Goldifying a symbol does not come at an extra cost and if you do win with a Goldified symbol on your payline, the game applies a 5x multiplier to your winnings.

  • The scattered rose symbol can let you win up to 100 free spins if you get three or more of them and it also allows you to Goldify a standard symbol for each scattered rose symbol that you land, therefore you can get up to 5 symbols with the 5x multiplier added during the free spins and retrigger the free spins.

Why Goldify?

The final verdict: The Goldify game app is fun and makes your gameplay even more thrilling through the Lucky Gold Goldify feature. The Goldify feature lets you directly control the game outcome and improve your chances of winning bigger stakes. The minimum wager of 1p is also a very attractive deal so you don’t feel like you have to risk it all just to step into King Midas’ shoes. The engaging game interface makes playing the game a very pleasant experience, especially if you’re the type who likes crisp graphics. Try your hand on it and turn your winnings to Lucky Gold with this fun app of Lucky Gold Mobile Slots!

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