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Blog Posted on 29/08/2022 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Beginner’s Guide for Slot Tournaments

Beginner’s Guide for Slot Tournaments

With the rise of online gambling platforms, slot tournaments are the new way to enjoy spinning the reels of online slots. While slot tournaments have been around for several years, many slot players still don’t know what they are and how they work. So, here is a guide that covers everything you need to know about slot tournaments as a beginner. Keep reading!

Slot tournaments basics

Slot tournaments are slot competitions that are organized by online casinos. Here, players compete against each other to score points by landing the right combination of slot machine symbols. In the end, the player who can get the highest number of points wins the competition.

At most casinos, players first need to register for slot tournaments by paying an entrance fee. The amount collected in the form of fees is then used to build a huge prize pool and it also helps the casino cover the operating cost of the competition.

To make sure that all players get a fair chance of winning, casinos place a cap on their bankroll size. Also, all participants need to play the same slot title in the tournament. That way, casinos ensure players don’t get an edge over their opponents by playing online or mobile slot games with higher RTP percentages.

The different types of slots tournaments explained

Online casino platforms are popular among casino players for their rich variety. So, it’s no surprise that one can find several slot tournaments when gambling online. However, some slot competitions tend to be more popular than others. Here’s a look at some highly popular slot tournaments you can find online:

Scheduled tournaments

This slot tournament type is the most common and can easily be found at any good online casino. The popularity of scheduled tournaments can be attributed to the fact that they come with significant cash prizes and other great rewards.

Scheduled tournaments have buy-in requirements that players need to complete to take part in the competition. Also, these slot tournaments come with pre-defined date and time arrangements. Some scheduled tournaments get over in a matter of minutes, whereas others can last even for a month. This depends on the casino you choose to play at.

Sit n Go

Unlike scheduled tournaments, Sit n Go slot competitions don’t start on a pre-defined date or time. They come with a limited number of seats and go live as soon as the spots are filled.

Another thing that differentiates Sit n Go tournaments from scheduled tournaments is that they last only a few minutes, or at most a day. These slot tournaments also come with an entrance fee, and have a decent prize amount on offer.

Freeroll slot tournaments

Freeroll slot tournaments are perhaps the most attractive slot competition for online slot players, though they are somewhat rare to find. Freeroll slots are usually offered to VIP players in the form of a slot bonus reward. Because VIP players are usually high-rollers, the prize amount in freeroll slot tournaments can be even higher than scheduled slot competitions.

Things to keep in mind when playing slot tournaments

Playing slot tournaments are somewhat different from spinning the reels of online slots in a normal casino setting. So, before starting your slot tournament journey at a top mobile casino, here are the things that you must pay attention to.

Spin the reels as fast as you can

As mentioned earlier, slot tournaments come with a pre-defined limit. So, making the best use of the available time is important when it comes to winning these competitions.

When playing slots online, all you need to do is spin the reels and wait for the outcome. So, using your time effectively just means clicking or tapping the spin button at the fastest pace possible.

Make use of all your credits

When playing slot tournaments, casinos usually offer a fixed amount of credits for players to use. Once done with the competition, these credits no longer remain valid. As such, you must try to use all your slot credits while the tournament is live.

Choose slot tournaments wisely

All slot tournaments have their own set of rules, varying buy-in amounts and different prize rewards. So, make sure you select a slot competition that best suits you and your playing style.

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