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Blog Posted on 16/04/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

A Complete Guide To Cascading Reels in Slots

Whether you like to call it “Cascading Reels”, “Tumbling Reels”, “Free Fall” or “Avalanche Feature”. Whenever a video slot comes with this feature it almost always means the same thing. In mobile casino slots, the “Cascading Reels” is an added feature by software developers to give players a uniquely-styled slot to play.

Every video slot player wants a game that offers the most opportunities for winning. To this end, many software developers such as; Net Entertainment, Microgaming and IGT have specialised in including the “Cascading Reels” feature in many of their online slot games.

Guide To Cascading Reels in Slots

Cascading Reels Feature In Mobile Casino Slots

Now in typical mobile casino slots, you first must place your bets per spin before the reel set begins spinning. This is just how slot games typically work. However, with the “Cascading Reels”, you have a system where you do not need to continually place bets after the spin of a winning reel. Here any winning combination will result in the symbols involved in the win falling off to make room for fresh symbols.

As the old win in symbols drops off for new symbols, you could be lucky to land yet another combination win. If this is the case, then the new winning symbols will also drop off and will be replaced by another set of new symbols. With the “Cascading Reels” feature, it is possible for you to keep landing winning combinations for either an unlimited number of wins or for a limited number of combination wins (more on this below).

Limitations and Benefits of Cascading Reels

Depending on the mobile casino slots in play, the “Cascading Reels” feature may be limited or unlimited in nature. With limited “Cascading Reels”, you have a scenario where the feature is limited by several combination wins. As soon as you attain those prefixed number of wins, the feature comes to an end and you will need to place new bets for the spin of a new reel. With the unlimited “Cascading Reels” feature, players can keep landing combination wins for as long as the wins keep coming. This feature will only end when you are no longer lucky in landing combination wins.

Apart from having repeated combination wins, players may also be fortunate to play mobile casino slots which offer increasing multipliers. Here, with each combination win, a win multiplier is awarded which rises with every combination win. For example, if you have a 1x stake multiplier increase per combination win, if your initial stake multiplier is 2x the next win will increase it to 3x.

There may also be a limit to the stake multiplier increase. For example, the stake multiplier increase may be limited to 10x. What this means is that if you land ten consecutive combination wins with an initial stake multiplier of 2x and a 1x stake multiplier increase per combination win, you will earn a 12x stake multiplier at the end of the day. This 12x stake multiplier simply means your staked sum placed before the initial reels spin will be multiplied by 12. So, if for example, your initial bet is £10, you will walk away with a £120 payout.

Finally, it is because of the huge potential for making payouts, that the “Cascading Reels” feature is highly sorted after by mobile casino slots players.

Vegas Mobile Casino: Bringing Cascading Reels Mobile Casino Slots To Your Mobile Device

Vegas Mobile Casino is one of the best places for playing mobile casino slots with the “Cascading Reels” feature. For starters, it offers a variety of games from different software developers such as; Microgaming, NetEnt and IGT. Secondly, this casino gambling site offers a vast number of video slot games with “Cascading Reels” feature. Moreover, it offers a quick, intuitive gaming experience straight to your mobile phones and tablets.

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