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Blog Posted on 19/01/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Hexbreaker 2 Slot Game – After Bad Luck comes Good Fortune

When it comes to wagering stakes and gambling, there is just one factor that plays a role and that is none other than luck. You might have done something wrong in your past that might have given you a shade of bad luck. But IGT has given this some forethought and come up with the Hexbreaker 2 slot game, a game where you can banish your bad luck and bring in the symbols of fortune and get really rich in the process.

Hexbreaker 2 Slot Game Theme – It’s Lucky!

The Hexbreaker 2 slot game is set in a dark purple background suggestive of a curse or hex cast by a witch. The game makes use of a lot of negative symbols like the number 13, a black cat, broken mirrors and a raven. The game also makes use of a jinx symbol and a special Hexbreaker symbol, which can get you on a lucky streak. The game objective is quite simple. All you need to do is banish the bad symbols from the reels to get rich. And the only way to banish these symbols is to get them on your winning payline.

Slot Specifications

The Hexbreaker 2 slot game has some really different slot specifications compared to the games that we are used to. The game does have 5 reels but that is the only thing that it has in common to other slot games. The rows in this game follow a 3-4-5-4-3 alignment which can take some getting used to. The game also makes use of 720 paylines which can be really overwhelming for players used to far lesser paylines like 20 to 25. The game does however have flexible bet amounts ranging from 20p to £200 per spin which can dial down the factor of risk

Game Features

The Hexbreaker 2 slot game is filled with features. From wilds to free spins to stake multipliers, the game has everything you need to flip your bad luck.

Getting 3, 4 or 5 wilds, besides symbol substitution also makes use of multipliers. Your wins get multiplied by 3x, 4x or 5x times depending upon the number of wilds you get.

The game also offers 10 free spins when you get the scatter symbol. These free spins are re triggerable and there is a total chance of winning up to 260 free spins.

The game also features a karma symbol which can multiply your returns by 100x if you get the symbol on all 5 reels.


Though the theme of the game may sound a little dark and the slots may need some time getting used to, the Hexbreaker 2 slot game is a wonderful and different game from IGT. The game is packed with features and the return rates for banishing unlucky symbols is quite high. The game does offer some highly favourable features like 260 free spins and 100x multipliers which will all definitely work if you did successfully banish your bad luck. When it comes to Hexbreaker 2, getting rid of your bad luck can make you a very rich man indeed.

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