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Blog Posted on 08/01/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How to Identify High Rollers in an Online Casino?

To identify a high roller, the first and foremost requirement is to know who is a high roller.

Generally speaking, high rollers are people who wager bulk amounts of money in any type of casino game, whether it is online or offline. If viewed from the perspective of the casinos, these are a headache to the casino because whatever strategy the casino uses to limit the stakes of these high rollers, they will often end up harvesting bigger.

Even in an online casino, this is the same. The high rollers always have the advantage of getting comped to their side. This means that they will often be rewarded by the casinos to maintain their existence in the competitive world. The past few decades have shown an immense increase in the number of online casinos and a decrease in land-based casinos. Well, this is not an increase and decrease. This is actually a transfer.

Like electrons and holes in a doped semiconductor mutually transfers, so is the transfer of land-based casinos to an online casino. As the comfort grieving, the community found it more interesting to invest their time in online casinos which are available right in the hold of their fists than doing in those traditional land-based casinos. Thereby the high rollers have now concentrated into the online field. This doesn’t mean that the land-based casinos have crippled by the day. However, their popularity has reduced to a better extent. Now only those people who are debuting to the feel of playing casino games are fond of these traditional casinos.

As mentioned earlier, high rollers often offer to woo to the casinos; the casinos have therein devised many ways to identify high rollers. It seems interesting. Well, the question here is, how can one identify a person is a high roller from the range of a person sitting around a table or standing at the Roulette wheel. Here are some ways to start with the identification process.

How to Identify High Rollers in an Online Casino?

Most of them must be from the Asian continents

It is not very clear why it is said. However, it is actually a fact that most of the high rollers out in the casinos are Asians. A study had revealed it clearly that the percentage of high rollers who are Asian, is somewhere around 80%. You can’t leave this fact as it is strategically proven, not something from a wild guess.

Have a huge instant credit line

These high rollers are found to have credit lines about $1,000,000 or above, which is a huge amount. If you come across any player who is having such in your table or anywhere, then it is a clear indication that he is a high roller.

Often surrounded by cortèges

The high rollers may often be surrounded by a few people or small gatherings when they arrive. Imagine prominent personalities arriving at some public functions. They will have dozens of people accompanying them. Similar is the case of a high roller but the amount is less. People always get attracted like magnets to those who are beneficiary to them. This is why high rollers usually have a ring of people around them.

Extreme generosity

Generosity is an ultimate good quality which is a must. But not everyone has that. And this fact is an advantage to those who are on the hunt for a high roller. These high rollers generally act as extremely generous ones. They usually give big tips and giveaway huge amounts just for the sake of giving. Thus the overgenerous persons at the table can obviously be hooked on.

Huge worth

The high rollers have huge assets. They may be worth $1,000,000 or more. It is because of this huge worth that they end up being high rollers. Stake is always not a problem for them, and they are always found playing just for the sake of playing.

High rollers are not easy to find, and as far as online casinos are concerned, there are only a few ways to hunt for them. Finding a high roller is actually an advantage for a casino as well as a player. And for casinos, they have only limited ways to restrict high rollers from getting high gains.

Being a high roller is not important. Let it be any game; gameplay is the main factor.

With these identification strategies, it will be easy to hack a high roller.

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