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Blog Posted on 05/11/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Rich History of Blackjack Card Game: A Quick Sneak-Peek!

The Rich History of Blackjack Card Game: A Quick Sneak-Peek!

Almost everyone has heard about the Blackjack card game. It‘s one of the oldest games in the history of the casino and is still maintaining its popularity in the modern days too. A game of Blackjack in a nice ambiance looks classy with a mix of modern age and old days. But the question remains about the history of this game.

A Dive in the Classy Start of the Blackjack Card Game

There are a few theories about the start of the game. While some believe that the French started this game in the 17th Century, a few others think that the Romans were responsible for the advent of the ageless Blackjack card game.

Historians believe that it came into existence from the already popular French games in 1700 like Chemin de Fer and Freme. 

The 18th and the 19th Century Story

The Blackjack card game was originally called ‘Vingt-et-Un’ in French and was introduced in the United Kingdom in the 18th Century. The rules now are slightly different from the ones back then. The 18th-century Blackjack card game allowed the dealers to make their own decisions with their second card often visible to the players. 

The game saw a growth in the 19th Century when it became popular in the United States and the United Kingdom, and in the mid-’90s, Blackjack was in the casino. 

Blackjack Card Game and the Casino Scene

Blackjack card counters first appeared in the 1950s. Gamblers were counting the cards for winning the game as it gave an edge to them. Two important changes occurred in this period. The name of the game was changed to Blackjack from its traditional name with a new form developed by the computer scientist Harvey Dubner. Thus rose the high-low method as card counting was illegal in most of the casinos. 

Blackjack Card Game’s Growth in the United States

The game first became a part of the US because of the French colonists. The game started to be called 21, with the first legalized match taking place in New Orleans, followed by the state legalization in Nevada in 1930. There was a change in the rules, which have been constant to date. 

Rise of Strategy in Blackjack Card Games

Players started thinking of strategies to make profits and win chunks of money. The popularity and legalization of Blackjack card games in the United States and the United Kingdom paved the way for players to think about the game and plan different ways of making a profit. Card counting was one of the strategies, although it’s not a favoured method even now. Four players named Baldwin, Cantey, Maisel, and McDermott wrote a book in 1957 explaining the basic Blackjack strategies. 

Players started studying adopting different ways of winning the game. The ten-count strategy was many of the popular ways which were changing with days. The Blackjack card game became more professional, with players everywhere thinking and studying more about this classy gamble. 

The Rich History of Blackjack Card Game: A Quick Sneak-Peek!

The New Avatar of Blackjack Card Game 

Online casinos gave a new shape to the casino industry as people can now play from all over the world at their ease and time. The online world has expanded the casino industry to even those players who didn’t have any knowledge about the game bringing a lot of interest in the casino industry altogether. 

A quick brief 

The online casino started towards the end of the ’90s and had a massive growth in the 21st Century. Back in the early days of the 2000s, PayPal used to be the mode of payment for online gambling, followed by Neteller and Skrill. With the advent of smartphones, mobile casinos came into existence, where a player can now be a part of a real-world casino just with the help of mobile in his or her palms. This accelerated the growth of internet gambling with advancements in technology and reaching heights in terms of players’ experience. 

A lot of people in the starting days complained about the lack of real Blackjack card game experience in online casino games, which brought the concept of the live casino. The brick and mortar experience that the live Blackjack provided increased the love for online Blackjack. 

Blackjack Card Game Today: The Differences

The casino game now is far more widespread. People from almost all parts of the world have come to know about this game. The internet and smartphone revolution has made things easier for humans to play in whichever way they want to enjoy the game. The rules have changed, and so has the method of playing. The casino industry is now a multi-billion-dollar game. People’s interest in online casinos and fantasy games have shown a steep rise, and different casino games like online roulette and online Blackjack are benefitting from it. Today, there are far more casinos and varying online sites for players to explore. 

But what’s the future? 

The future of online casinos looks great, as the smartphone industry is going more competitive with cheaper internet service. This has led to more online casino sites and competition in the online industry as well. Casinos are trying to pool as many clients as possible and are frequently seen, giving welcome bonuses and offers to the players. The online attention can also help increase the crowd at the casinos and popularise the game among the masses. The use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality compiled with Artificial Intelligence is helping the online slots to provide a surreal experience to the gamblers. This is expected to be even better with more research in AI and AR.

A Gift from the Past

Blackjack is one such game that has withstood the changing times. It is surely an honor and a matter of pride if a gambler is serious about the game and makes a decent amount of profits. The game is surely going to stay in the forthcoming days, and its popularity is just going to increase more.

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