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Blog Posted on 24/08/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

History of Roulette Play Smart Phone Games at Vegas Mobile Casino

Roulette is the centre of attraction in any casino. Tracing the History of Roulette from the ancient times to the modern online Internet age is an exciting prospect. The impressive rotating wheel with a spinning ball is an exciting way for the players to predict the correct number. Just as the number prediction is unpredictable, so is figuring out the exact origin of Roulette.

Early origin of the Roulette

Flipping through the pages on the History of Roulette, you can see some solid references to how the roulette has progressed. The earliest known reference in the History of Roulette was that of the story of Blaise Pascal in 1655 trying to build a perpetual motion machine. This was practically impossible according to the laws of physics. Though his experiment failed, he gave the world of casinos the best gift ever.

Another entry that made it to the pages in the History of Roulette was during the early 17th century. It was an innovation of two popular games of that time. The Hoka which was played with 40 numbered cups over a table. There were 3 cups numbered zero. Similar to the modern roulette, a ball was spun across the table and number was called. The game was won if the ball landed in the cup with the called number.

The other game was the Even – Odd, played in England. It was played on a circular wheel with 42 slots. 20 even, 20 odd numbers and 2 zeros. The last 2 slots were for the house. Both of these games can be considered as the modern Roulettes origin.

Mid journey into the History of Roulette

The early versions of Roulette included both single and double zero slots. This was played throughout Europe. As a symbol of nobility and aristocracy, it gained prominence and popularity. But the presence of the extra slot increased the house edge. Over time, slowly this version of Roulette lost to the most popular singles zero version.

In 1843, the Blanc brothers introduced the single zero version in Homburg, Germany. Whether it was fate or luck, the ban on gambling by Germany forced them to move to Monte Carlo. Thus paving the way for the popularity of the European Roulettes. From here it moved across the oceans to the North America.

Earlier American roulette wheels sported the numbers from 1 to 28, a single zero, double zero and an American Eagle. This was done to have a feeling of patriotism for the players. But the main idea was to give the Casinos an extra house edge. This Eagle slot eventually disappeared retaining only the numbers.

Modern Roulette

The present variation of Roulette includes the European and American versions. The single zero European Roulette popular in the Europe while the double zero American version is more popular in the US.

Over time, both these versions have adapted to the traditional and the online environment. The widespread use of the Internet has made it challenging for the casinos to keep the roulette players interested. Now the players are treated to a wide variety of Roulette games. They are no longer bound to one type of roulette.

Today Roulette can be played from anywhere and at anytime. Casinos are developing apps that are compatible for playing Roulette on any of the mobile devices and tablets – Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, desktops.

For a feel of the traditional land based experience, you can opt for the Live Roulette. The entire setup is real with live dealers spinning the Roulette wheel. The casinos invest a lot to provide the best player experience.

The History of Roulette has never been complete. Every day creates new things, which adds a new chapter in the pages of the History of Roulette.

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