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Blog Posted on 04/12/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Learn History of Slot Before You Spin at Slot Machines

As with other card games or table games whose origins are murky, we can accurately identify the year of Slot games’ origin. The evidence supporting its beginnings is present that sum up its exact timeline. Read through the compilation from Vegas Mobile Casino for the History of Slots.

The First Slot Machines

Charles Fey is considered as the Father of modern day mobile slots machines. He was more interested in the problem of how to automate the poker game. It was in 1894 that he succeeded in building the first mechanical slot machine. It was a 3 reel machine with just 5 symbols. They were the Hearts, Horseshoes, diamonds, spades and the Liberty Bell symbols.

History of Slots

The earlier slot machines were called as “Liberty Bell” from where it got its name. But its more popular name, the One Arm Bandits got stuck. You surely needed a good arm to pull the lever to begin the game.

It became an instant rage and gained notice across the country. To promote these slot machines, every small diner, shops and bowling alleys sported one of these machines. With the blanket ban on gambling at that time, many of the slot makers wanted to avoid dealing with the law. Instead of cash prizes, the owners usually gave away free drinks, gums or meals. The Liberty symbol was the first jackpot symbol. Players who managed to get 3 of these symbols won the prizes.

Next stage in the History of Slots

The next entry in the History of Slots was the Operator Bell Machines. In 1907 Charles Fey entered into a partnership with the Mills Novelty Company. Mass production of the Operator Bell slot machines started with the bulky cast iron machines being installed all over the west coast. A lighter version of the Operator Bells slot machines, were introduced during the 1915’s. They replaced the heavy cast iron exterior with wooden panels. Making it more trendy and easy to ship across the countries.

History of Slots

Revolutionizing the gambling industry

The 1930’s saw the gambling industry undergo a sea change. When Bugsy Siegel installed these machines in his Hotel Flamingo in Las Vegas, he practically changed the face of the west coast. People came in droves to play here. While the men played at the casinos, their wives and girlfriends headed towards the slots. This smart move proved to be a great profit making venture for the casinos.

Electromechanical era in the History of Slots

The early versions of the slot machines were not foolproof. The players could cheat the establishment by sticking a stick in the machines to make the reels stop wherever they wanted. Clearly better machines were required if the owners wanted to keep making money.

It was until 1963-64 that the casino world got its first electromechanical slot machine. Produced by the Bally Technologies, the Money Honey was a vast improvement over the earlier slots. Lighter and more reliable, they paid bigger payouts. The slots were more secure from tampering, cheat proof and also paid big.

The increasing popularity of the slot machines almost buried the older One arm Bandit slot machines. The slot machines immediately became the most sought after casino games replacing the card games.

Next Wave – Video Slots

The computerised era of 1980’s saw it making inroads to the slot machines. The first video based slot machine, Coin Fortune was a simple TV screen that displayed the rolling reels. It was well ahead of its time and immediately dismissed, not trusted by the gamblers.

The success and growing popularity of the machines removed the fears. It also allowed greater choices and wider options for the players. Games were developed with different features, multiple bonus rounds and better payouts. The players could select multiple games on the same machines, allowing them to play more. Casinos could install more machines and earn more. IGT and WMS were the earliest companies which capitalized on this new wave to create best slot games.

Today’s Slot Machines

If Charles Fey were to visit today’s casinos, he would not recognize the modern slot machines. Sleek, compact design, they account for more than 25% of a casino’s profit. The use of random number generators for makes it much more reliable and accountable.

The move from land based to online casinos was the logical step with the increased Internet usage. Players are now playing on their smartphones, iPad and tablets. The games provided by both the online and mobile version of the casinos are tempting, better paying and offer a real casino effect.

Progressive slots offering jackpots to the tune of millions are the highlight. Over 2,000 online casinos sites are available each vying for the player’s attention. Attractive bonuses, promotions are made to grab the player’s attention.

From the humble mechanical beginnings to the modern computerized version, the History of Slots makes for a fascinating reading session. Begin the reel spinning adventure to become a big winner.

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