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Blog Posted on 02/03/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Ho Ho Tower vs Hong Kong Tower Slots

After a visit to the Caribbean, Spain and Hollywood, ELK Studios completed a round trip by bringing Hong Kong Tower to its collection. Ho Ho Tower is a Christmas version of the Hong Kong Tower with little changes. Both the slot games are known for the mesmerizing visual world they create. Hong Kong Tower slots display the neon and concrete city with bright skies and skyscrapers with a blend of European and Asian cultures. Ho Ho Tower slots present a colourful and bright world with the holiday feels of Christmas. The animations are also very illustrative.

Ho Ho Tower vs Hong Kong Tower Slots

Confused? Ho Ho Tower or Hong Kong Tower Slots? Here is a little comparison:

1. 1.Number of paylines

Ho Ho Tower and Hong Kong Tower slots both have 99 paylines on their slot games.

2. Number of reels

Hong Kong Tower slots have 5 reels whereas Ho Ho Tower has only 3 reels.

3. Spin amount

You can win huge amounts of money by playing a spin for a minimum of 20p to a maximum of £100 on Hong Kong Tower slots. Ho Ho Tower lets you spin for only 10p on all devices and allows up to £50.
Jackpot values can reach huge amounts up to 301,650-jackpot credit.

4. Return to Player percentage

Return to Player percentage is an important aspect which is a measure of the performance of the game. Hong Kong Tower offers 96.3% RTP. Ho Ho Tower has a better output of 96.4%.

5. Symbols

Both Hong Kong Tower slots and Ho Ho Tower slots showcase fluorescent flowers on their reels that can win up to 40 to 80 coins. The logo symbol for both the games is the Mystery symbol which explodes into a whole new symbol when the reel spin ends and increases the stakes.

Landing three or more Ying Yang symbols will credit you with bonuses. This unlocks the Wheels of the Sky bonus game in Ho Ho Tower where you can win 6000 coins easily. The Hong Kong Tower bonus game is unlocked in Hong Kong Tower.

Hong Kong Tower consists of symbols representing all the elements of life- earth, fire, air, water and wood. High-value symbols include a golden seven, a blue-tinged diamond, a lotus flower and a bonsai tree. Ho Ho Tower follows its theme of Christmas and uses three kinds of liquorice candies as low-value symbols. Other symbols include lotuses, Christmas bonsai trees and a festive gold 7.

The major comparison between Christmas-themed Ho Ho Tower slots over Hong Kong Tower is that it has a level up symbol which moves the player to the next wheel. The next wheel gives the individual a chance to win even more bonuses.

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