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Blog Posted on 10/09/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Hold Percentage In Online Casinos: A Comprehensive Overview

Every time you place a bet on the table, you have one clear goal — to beat the casino at its own game. Every online genesis casino hides behind its shield of ‘house edge’, but you know you can take it down with your knowledge and wit. You’ve learned the basic strategies, tried all the “advanced” ones, and even created some of your own. You will need to understand some of the casino’s aspects that it uses to maintain its upper hand. One of them is the Hold Percentage.

Hold Percentage Genesis Casino

Get a hold of the Hold Percentage in the Online Genesis Casino

The Hold Percentage is the percentage of chips that are returned to the genesis casino through a game. For example, if a Poker table gains £400 in winnings during a night of £4,000 gambled by players, then the hold percentage is 10%.

This statistic can be used to determine anything from the average earnings from a table over months and years, to how much money a particular table made for genesis casino in a single session or night.

Don’t Confuse Hold Percentage with House Edge

The house edge is a built-in advantage in favour of the casino. It is not time-dependent and even if you make flawless decisions every single turn, over time, the house will always win.

However, the hold percentage is empirical rather than theoretical. It indicates the exact amount of money that flows into the casino. A game can have a smaller hold percentage on one day compared to the next, but over a long period, a more concrete hold percentage figure comes to light.

While the house edge tries to guess how much genesis casino will win, the hold percentage describes how much it does. More often than not, the hold percentage is higher than the house edge. For example, the house edge of Blackjack is a small 0.5% while the hold percentage is 14%.

How Casinos Try to Increase Hold Percentage?

Both brick-and-mortar and online casinos use many methods to increase their hold percentage, and thus, keep a bigger fraction of your bankroll for themselves. Here are some.

  • Keeping the players playing longer – Bonuses, dealer interaction, and live chat are just some of the ways genesis casino player can keep you at the table longer.
  • Making the dealers deal faster – Increasing the hands-per-hour increases the hold percentage as well.
  • Opening more tables – More tables mean more players can play at a time.
  • Increasing the table minimums – Higher minimum betting limits results in more amount of money being handled.Now Go Get Them, Tiger

Now Go Get Them, Tiger

You now know one of the many tools a casino uses to evaluate its profits. You also know the methods online casinos can use to separate you from bigger shares of your money. Now, it’s your job to figure how you’re going to use this knowledge to do the one thing you love doing – beat the casino at its own game.

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