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Blog Posted on 02/08/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Hollywood Based Slots For You To Try Out!

Yearly, Planet Hollywood releases enough movies to swamp the rest of the globe and make them sit up and take notice! These movies usually cost more than many a battleship, have legions of fit and fabulous superstars and usually boast spectacular special effects. With Hollywood movies being so popular, and some finding iconic status, quite a few Hollywood-themed slots and games have been released over the years that are equipped with themes from Hollywood movies.

Play Hollywood-Themed Slots

With that in view, here are the top slot games based on the most iconic movies to ever make their way from the movie studios of Hollywood to the silver screen.

Hollywood-themed Slots For Some Nail-Biting Fun

Jumanji slots lets you explore the animal world – Upon its release back in 1995, with Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst in the lead roles, the Jumanji movie quickly achieved fame and acclaim. Now, it has been resurrected as a slot game and with gameplay as sweet as fairy breath! There are five reels, a variable number of rows and a total of thirty-six paylines to be seen in this slot.

The graphics are quite good, and the setting is a deserted room somewhere. Surrounding the reels is a playable board game and dangerous animals form the high-value icons. The RTP of this Hollywood-themed slots is 96.33% and there’s a long, long list of bonuses on hand that reward well! Overall, the Jumanji online slot rightfully makes it to the top of this list and is a standout Hollywood-themed slot game!

Planet of The Apes – you certainly don’t want to miss: Made by NetEnt, the Planet of the Apes slot is based on the movie of the same name and has enough fitting imagery to match. Caesar, the ape is the main character here and two separate reels are featured. Bonus modes include free spins, and stacked wilds, while an RTP of 96.33% awaits. Overall, this Hollywood-themed slots is totally the real deal!

Jurassic World where the dinosaurs fill up your pockets: The Jurassic World online slot lets loose rip-roaring adventure and villainous dinosaurs dying to rip your guts out! Equipped with icons that fit in with the theme, as well as characters from the 2015 movie of the same name, the fun here never gets a chance to pause for breath!

Bonuses here include wild scatters, a complicated free spins mode that dashes out wins hand over fist and an Indominus Rex bonus where players can get their hands on a maximum of 1000x the stake. Overall, this Hollywood-themed slots with its RTP of 95.45% let you play like a boss and means serious business!

Tony Montana is back with the slot version of Scarface: Tony Montana beckons with the Scarface slots and demands your total allegiance! There are also some amazing facts about the movie Scarface. This slot is of course based on the legendary 1983 movie of the same name and is made by NetEnt. The main fun here consists of a trio of stacked wilds, Nudge Spins, a free spins bonus mode with win multipliers, and a Say Hello To My Little Friends Bonus, with the latter mimicking the tragic scene in the movie where Tony Montana got offed.

Gameplay is interspersed with clips from the movie of the same name, while the audio and graphics are gripping. Overall, this is the Hollywood-themed slots to go to, for those in search of the most intense possible fun and biggest wins in the slots world!

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