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Blog Posted on 05/04/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Hot Roll Super Times Pay – A Classic Slot with a Hot Twist!

How sometimes we wish we could put features of one slot into another, or combine features of two slots in one! Guess what? IGT heard you and got you this super amazing slot called Hot Roll Super Times Pay Slots! It is clearly a combination of the two much loved slots – Hot Roll and Super Times Pay.

Hot Roll Super Times Pay Slots Is A Two-in-One Deal You Cannot Miss!

When you first look at it, Hot Roll Super Times Pay Slots looks nothing special with its usual three reels of a standard slot with regular symbols. But if you look closely, you will see that some symbols take the place for two positions on the board. This certainly increases the chances of winning. What you really need to look out in this slot are the multipliers! They are great and will excite you every time you get one! From 2x to 10x, there is a lot in store for you here.

Super Times with Super Amazing Features!

Like in the slot Hot Roll, you will get to roll a dice here as well. Whatever numbers you get on the two dices you roll, get converted into cash prizes later on. So, it is not just the usual spinning you will be doing here! The dices are not just your weapon for playing Ludo or Snakes and Ladders anymore! These virtual dice mean serious money! Here too you can get up to 10x multipliers. What can be better than getting 10 times the amount you have actually bet?

How often do you come across a slot that can actually pay you up to 5,000 coins for a simple 3 symbol win? Not very commonly! Hot Roll Super Times Pay Slots definitely has an edge over other slots. And guess what the slot welcomes you with? A peppy number we all have danced to! You have to move and groove at least once when you hear the famous song – ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’ play!

If the welcome is so grand, you know what to expect, right? This slot is unique because no other slot can give you this much multipliers even for small wins. Such multipliers keep your spirits high and of course reward you handsomely!

Hot Roll Super Times Pay Slots is A Super Slot!

If you are looking for something exciting and highly rewarding, then you must play this slot on Vegas Mobile Casino. The showers of multipliers are not going to stop here, and you must take full advantage of that! A little greed is good for your bank balance!

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