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Blog Posted on 19/07/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How does Live Roulette Chat function-work?

Live Roulette is an astoundingly popular and deeply immersive roulette variant, with live dealers and technological advances making it as smooth and stress-free as can be. Its popularity lies in the fact that it accurately mimics actual casino gameplay while supporting a roulette chat option that makes it possible for players to talk to each other and the dealer easy as they please.

The live chat option tends to make gameplay more congenial. It also enables folks to make friends with like-minded players from all over the world. Interacting with the dealer via the live chat option also makes them feel more appreciated, which is, of course, a good thing.

So, how exactly does the roulette chat option work? Read on for some solid answers.

How does Live Roulette chat function-work?

Sweetening Gameplay With The Roulette Chat Option

Usually, the chat option is integrated into the player interface. Roulette players can therefore simply type in their messages and have these immediately appear on the display screen of other players and the dealer.

Each message has a tag showing who it is from, with this making it possible for all to keep track of the conversation. For each chat message, other players can type in their reply and hit the “Send” button. The dealer alone is permitted to verbally reply to each message via a microphone.

Rules Of Behaviour When Using The Live Chat Option

There are a few rules of behaviour worth knowing when using the chat option. Adhering to these rules makes things pleasant for all. These rules are simple and easy to follow and are as follows:

  • Politeness – players are expected to be unfailingly polite. Being childish and insulting is uncalled for. Being polite involves treating other players and the dealer too in a fair way and acting just as would be acceptable during a table game at a physical casino
  • Private Matters – folks who make use of the chat option should try to resist the temptation to be garrulous. They must also avoid disclosing sensitive personal information like their bank account numbers, email, phone numbers, address and the like.
  • Gameplay Focus – it is often the case that most players at a live roulette chat game choose to engage in obscene or inappropriate talk. This is a stupid thing to do and could expose such a player to sanctions.
  • Dealing Out Respect – the game dealers should be respected to the limit. They are not perfect and can be prone to mistakes. This fact should be recognised, and allowances made.


The live roulette chat option is found in an increasing array of casino games. It enables deep player interaction while adding a generous dollop of sweetness to the overall experience.

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