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Blog Posted on 29/03/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How to Calculate Payout Percentages in Slots Games?

Gambling is all about winning and losing, but a wise gambler will always have an eye on the payout in slots before indulging in one. And why shouldn’t they do? To know what you can get in return is always a good idea! Generally all slots have the percentage payout mentioned in their game information, but if you are a slot lover, you also must know how to calculate it yourself!

Everyone Looks at The Payout in Slots Before Placing their Bets..

What exactly is the payout percentage? Why is it so important? Payout percentage is basically the percentage of return a player can expect when playing a certain slot game. For instance, if a slot states that it has a return rate of 95%, this means that you will for sure get 95% of your gross bets. Therefore, there is an average estimation of 5% loss in this slot, of course unless you hit a jackpot – which means only profit and riches!

But you also must keep in mind that this percentage is just an average estimate, thus it makes more sense when playing a slot for a long term. You cannot expect the exact payout in slots in just one play session. The estimate percentage is for millions of spins together, so a 95 or 97 percent return is valid on them only. And that is actually the fun factor! The ups and downs, the big wins and minor losses, that’s what keeps us glued to slots. There are times when you will go on a winning spree, and there are also times when you might just lose a lot. But the show must go on! Play often and it all evens out.


How to Calculate Payout Percentages in Slots Games

How is The Payout in Slots Calculated?

There is a lot of information involved in calculating this percentage. The data that is used is broadly of two categories – a) a considerable sample consisting of spins and its outcomes on a particular slot; and b) a table with all data of the slot’s virtual reel and payout table. While option ‘a’ is a little hard to calculate, because you need a large sample for an accurate outcome; the option ‘b’ is the more preferred way of calculating. Not only the second way is more accurate, it is comparatively easy. Most casinos consider it as the reasonable and possible way of calculating payout in slots. Though the first option seems to be more accurate, the sample may be a little unreliable. You cannot really know the outcome in thousands of spins only, and that if it is gathered for a defined time period.

You may not worry about calculating this percentage manually! Almost all slots come along with that information for you. But isn’t it always better to know how the calculation is actually done? There you go! Now you know why some slots have 94% and some go high with 98% as their return rate!

Nevertheless, whatever the payout in slots is, that does not stop us from enjoying spinning on our favourite slots on Vegas Mobile Casino!

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