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Blog Posted on 01/12/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How to deposit via PayPal at Vegas Mobile Casino

Playing casino online is convenient in so many ways – you have the comfort of your own space, no queues to wait in, and no superstitions to look out for. There is no one to interfere in your play time with Vegas Mobile Casino. But where do you get the coins from? How do you bet with real money? Online payment of course! Casino is no fun with no real money, but aren’t we all jinxed about making online payments? We are, but Vegas Mobile Casino makes sure its users are relaxed and enjoy the virtual casino with pay via phone bill at all times.

Deposit via PayPal and relax!

PayPal is the most reliable and the biggest online payment processors in the whole world. And for sure, not millions of people will use the wrong medium for something so important! It is, after all, hard earned money! PayPal is a trusted medium because you can make safe transactions without revealing your bank details to hundreds of websites where you wish to make any kind of transaction, whether it is to buy something or deposit via PayPal to an online casino account. You only have to register yourself at PayPal once with your bank details, and then you do not have to mention it anywhere else. A good way to keep your bank details safe, right?

Another benefit is that you can store multiple accounts on PayPal. So, if you want to deposit via PayPal, you just have to enter your PayPal account details and not checking every account you have for available balance. Saving you from the embarrassment! And they even have a mobile app, so you can keep a track of the account balance on the go apart from spending on Vegas Mobile Casino. Also, it is free cost. Yes! Registering with PayPal is totally free! Even when you deposit via PayPal, there are no additional charges!

Safest of all!

PayPal keeps your bank details very secured! No risk of frauds or getting cheated at all. Even the processing network is very secure, so no loopholes at all. So, it is wise to deposit via PayPal in your Vegas Mobile Casino account to enjoy unlimited gaming and gambling! Vegas Mobile Casino is very generous to its users who deposit via PayPal or any other method, the first deposit is eligible for 100% bonus! A treat for every user! This is why PayPal is the safest way to play mobile casino games.

Though there are some limits assigned when you withdraw or deposit via PayPal at Vegas Mobile Casino. The minimum amount that has to be deposited it £10 and maximum is £10,000 per day. In your deposit for each day, if you are to deposit via PayPal, you may only deposit £5,500 in a single transaction. But the plus point here is, the deposit is instant! Your money is transferred into your Vegas Mobile Casino account instantly and is ready for use the very second the transaction is successful!

When you have to withdraw from your Vegas Mobile Casino account to your PayPal account, there is a limit to that as well. The minimum amount to withdraw has to be £10 and it can go up to £20,000. The good news here is that there is no processing fee and the amount is transferred within 3 working days! This is very quick as compared to other mediums.

So, make most of your experience at Vegas Mobile Casino and use PayPal for all your deposits and withdrawals. Make your life easy and hassle-free at all time with PayPal, and keep winning at Vegas Mobile Casino with your good fortune!

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