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Blog Posted on 10/07/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How Variance Affects Playing Casino Slots?

Most casino slot game reviews mention variance at one point or the other. This is all seem easy to dismiss but is something that you as a player need to be alert to, as it can necessitate a change in strategy that will positively impact your overall experience. With that in view, here’s the tell-it-all guide to casino slots variance that explains just what it is, how it affects games and which variance you should be on the lookout for.

Variance in Casino Slots

What is Variance in Casino Slots?

Variance refers to the amount and regularity of wins in a casino slot game, or its volatility. The way it works, slots with high variance infrequently pay out big wins, while those with low variance consistently pump out small payouts.

Quite a few believe that variance and the RTP are one and the same. While both have similarities, the RTP measures the amount of money you have placed on bets that will come back to you after a theoretically endless number of spins. The variance is different and refers to how online slots pay out their wins, that is either small and frequently or large and irregularly.

Which Variance Is the Best?

Low Variance: Low variance casino slots are just the thing for risk-averse players, newbies or those of limited means. There are quite a few super-low variance casino slots in the market that pay out small wins on two to three spins and so help replenish the bankroll.

However, with such low variance, players cannot expect to land massive wins. While they might make a profit of sorts if they stick to it, big wagers are usually needed if you need to see what really big wins look and feel like!

Medium Variance: These are the most common kind of casino slots and combine the low-risk feature of the low variance slots with a more improved win potential.

High Variance: This is the slot variant for those who thrive on risk and suspense. In these casino slots, wins are quite infrequent. This necessitates players to keep playing and playing, thereby severely depleting their bankroll. However, unlike the low and medium variance slots listed above, the rewards when they come are usually sufficient to allow massive payouts.

Now that the explanations are over, just which type of variance would be perfect for you? Well, that depends wholly on you, on your playing style, the appetite for risk and the size of your bankroll. Why not start small at first and then inch it up if you discover that’s how you like your fun! Or if you want to try out something big, you can go for medium and high variance slots.

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