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Blog Posted on 06/05/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Significant Impact of Social Casino Games Today

The online gambling industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Today’s online and live casino games feature high-tech graphics and mesmerizing soundtracks and offer an immersive gaming experience. Technology has also shifted where and how casino fanatics engage in gambling activities. Specifically, Facebook and other social media platforms have introduced millions of users to gambling via social casino games that simulate gambling activities.

Read on to know more about the impact of social casino games on the gambling world.

The Significant Impact of Social Casino Games Today

What are the social casino games?

Social casino games are free-to-play casino games found on social media sites. Social casino games differ from real money casino games by several distinct features. First, social games are played using virtual credits. Second, they’re offered on social networking sites. Third, the outcomes are not only always based on random odds but rather on algorithms designed to enhance the engagement and satisfaction of players.

The most popular form of casino games are Slots, Poker, and table games. Although social games are free-to-play games, they’re quite similar to their real-money gambling counterparts. For example, social casino slot machines mimic the look, sound, and feel of real mobile slot games. Thus, it can be quite difficult to distinguish casino games from real money casino games. In fact, most social casino gamers find these games quite similar to their gambling counterparts.

Where and why do they play?

casino games can be played on PCs and laptops, or on the go through smartphones and tablets. According to a recent survey, over 74% of players use their smartphones or tablets to play casino games. Also, 40% of casino games play on both platforms. For most players, casino games tend to be a secondary activity, with 63% of social casino gamers play while watching TV, whereas only about a quarter focus solely on casino games.

Most people play these games for fun and entertainment, to relax and pass time, and to distract themselves from negative emotions. In addition, some players are attracted to the social features of casino games, such as checking their scores on leaderboards and sharing it on social media platforms. Many players also use free-to-play casino games to practice and improve their skills. In other words, casino games may be a training ground before real money gambling.

The Significant Impact of Social Casino Games Today

The appeal of social casino games

casino games often allow for increased player interaction, something that is growing in appeal among online casino fanatics. Players search out their friends and their rivals and develop strategies against each other by taking lessons from their playing history. The social element is critical as it’s one of the most in-demand aspects of contemporary online life.

The stakes for social casino gaming are lower than they’re for real money casino games. The process of making a real-money deposit at online casinos can be intimidating for new players, but social casinos offer nearly an identical gaming experience with the same level of excitement. Some casinos use it a form of cross-selling to drive social gamers towards real-money casino games.

The overall goal of casino games is to increase the actual social interaction between players in order to create real gaming communities. This makes it easy to monetize games as players spend more time on these games and marketers have a better picture of the profile of gamers in each sector.

The future of social casinos 

According to a CasinoBeats interview with Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO of KamaGames, social casinos can benefit greatly by employing personalised promotional offers enabled by real-time marketing. As with many other sectors across the globe, there is a growing expectation among players where experiences must be personalised to be worthwhile. A high level of personalisation is becoming the standard in the iGaming sector, which is key to customer engagement and retention.

The focus is mostly on instant Facebook games today, but new platforms such as blockchain could see further changes and improved growth as developers harness the power of related technologies. Also, there has been a renewed desire for online and land-based gambling venues to work in partnership for the benefit of both sectors. This could also help in developing new initiatives, and closer alignment with regulators is also helping to shape the future of the global casino industry.

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