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Blog Posted on 16/10/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Interesting, Exciting, Fun Filled Facts About Slots

Many myths are floating around about the slot machines. Typically a grandma’s tale, it makes for an interesting read. Mentioned below are some interesting facts and myths about the slot machines. Some of them are even about the online or mobile slot games.

Slot Machines that are near to the entrance are the hot ones

A common myth floated by the casinos to attract the players. Slot machines are never due for a jackpot.

You have left the slot machine, and the next person has won a jackpot. Instead of feeling bad, remember that the random number generator is at work here. It’s unlikely that you would have won the jackpot if you had played any longer.

It pays to bet maximum all the time

Actually, there is some truth about this only when playing progressive slot games. It’s because the game rules prescribe that only a maximum bet is eligible for the jackpot. Otherwise, it is unwise to opt for this betting strategy.

The betting of one coin will get you a win. The player’s wagering bet does not determine the outcome of the slot game.

Calculating the slot symbols on every spin helps in figuring out the winning odds

It’s impossible to figure out the winning odds as the random number generator generates thousands of numbers for a single spin. These numbers determine the winning combinations. The innumerable combinations make it impossible to figure out the winning odds. Some slot machines are loose while others are programmed to be tighter.

This is virtually impossible in an online casino. Strict online casino watchdogs are constantly auditing and monitoring the casinos to ensure fair game play. Any unfair practices are prohibited and are condemned publicly. The casinos would lose their reputation, license and credibility.

The slot machine payouts are affected by the time or day of playing on them

The only thing affecting the slot payouts is the random number generator. It generates thousands of numbers randomly for every spin creating various winning combinations.

Now it’s time for some concrete facts about the Casino slots.

  • The slot machine was built by Charles Fey in 1885.
  • Slot games account for more than half of the casino games all over the world. In spite of the numerous poker game variations, it still ranks the first in terms of game variety.
  • The nickname ‘One armed bandit’ for the slot machines is because of the lever used in older slot machines to start spinning the reels.
  • Sin city of Las Vegas has the most number of slot machines. There is one for every eight people living there.
  • Slots are generally programmed to give a payout from anywhere between 85% for a land based casino and to up 96% for an online casino.
  • A slot game is never ideal. The random number generator programme is constantly running at the backend. At any point of time, there are thousands of numbers generated which correspond to a winning payline. The spinning reels are just for show.
  • A casino (land based, online or mobile) can stop paying the jackpot if it occurred due to a malfunction.
  • The only way of winning at the slots is to keep a better hold, manage your money properly and stop playing when you have reached the set gambling limits.

Debunking all the myths are these verifiable facts about casino slots. As a word of caution, always play within your gambling limits. Play online slots for fun and entertainment. If it makes money for you, well and good otherwise just enjoy the spinning reels.

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