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Blog Posted on 26/11/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Is Real Money Slots really better than Social Slots?

Is Real Money Slots really better than Social Slots?

Slots have come a long way from the stereotypical old-fashioned look to a way better-sophisticated look with new-age software and designs. While the old design structure with the flashy lights still gains a lot of attraction and love from the punters all around the world, the modifications are pleasing to all the players. Slots have not only gone online but also have the best soundtracks and the 3D graphics to allure you. 

This article will describe all the details regarding real money slots and social slots and point out whether the former is better than the latter. So read the full article to know about the actual deal so that you can choose the right one for yourself. 

Real Money Slots vs. Social Slots

You may have come across real money slots’ phrases, or maybe you haven’t. In either way, you must be knowing about the different types of slots. Most of the slots yield money, i.e., you are depositing money and playing the game to win big. Punters generally call these real money slots, while the ones you play for free are called the social slots. 

There is nothing wrong with playing free slots. It doesn’t make you less of a punter but is a great way of improving yourself at the game. But the best way to enjoy any casino games, including slots, is to place your bets and try out your along with observing the pattern of the game. 

Check the Figures!

There has been some talk regarding real money slots convergence with the social casino, as each of the two is somewhat strong in their ways. But obviously, real money slots rule the market with more worth and fun, as the majority of the players would want to invest some amount of money for fun, learning, and in the hope of winning some real cash. The real money casino market is more than a 10.6 billion dollars market, while the social casino market value is around 5.4 dollars. Studies have shown that the social casino market has grown since 2012 and can grow at a rate of 7 to 12 percent. 

As the online casino is gaining increasing popularity among the masses, a considerable number of new players and younger players may go for the social slots, thus explaining some rise in the number. But the hype and the real deal still and will continue to be around the real money slots and is even expected to grow at a higher rate. 

Is Real Money Slots really better than Social Slots?

Some Learnings from Real Money Slots and Casinos for the Social Casinos

Real money casinos, which include games like slots, blackjack, and other table games, continue to rule the market as they are far better than the social casinos. We have discussed all the necessary pieces of information and differences in the points mentioned below.

  1. Content matters a lot for the casinos to keep their customers loyal to them. While the social slots will agree to this, they lack the variety and the high content that a casino must provide to their players. Thus they are incapable of focussing much on a varied range of content and games. A social slot may release some new slots in two weeks with around 30 slot machines, whereas a real money slot will target more than 500 slots with a large variety of games every second day. 

Real money casinos thus provide way more fun to the players and try to entertain them with as many unique games as possible so that they cater to the wants of different players. Also, what sets these casinos apart from the social slots are their non-exclusivity license of the slots. 

Lack of uniqueness, a lesser number of games, and on top of it, lack of non-exclusivity are some factors that the social slots need to work on to improve.  

  1. Real money slots offer whole loads of bonuses, welcome offers, and loyalty offers, which are in all the ways way more attractive than the social slots. Social slots rely more on digital marketing to popularise their brand, while real money slots provide more offers for a punter to learn and understand the game. Bonuses and offers aren’t that of much significance in social casinos, thus citing another reason why the real money slots are better. 

With the bonuses and free spins, gamblers can even experience social slots to some degree. 

  1. The point of cross-selling in real money casinos, in general, is beneficial to both the casino dealers as well as the players. While the social slots, rather than social casinos, focus on building only individual products, many real money casinos stress building an ecosystem. The advantage of such a system lies in the increased usage of different types of casino games. So the satisfied real money slots players will look for real money poker or blackjack of the same casino brand. This is how a casino builds a level of trust and loyalty and tries to maintain and grow its number of players. Social slots should also try to do the same to grow its fan base. 
  2. Real money slots are therefore way better in more than 90 percent of their ways. Any player would love to play for money instead of playing with virtual money. Real value casinos are thus way more exciting and desirable. Also, the number of real money casinos are more than social casinos, hence providing healthy competition to improve the UI and user experience and bring more varieties and themes. A larger number of unique and better social casinos will make these free slots more interesting to the users. 

Real Thoughts for both Real Money and Social Slots

Social slots are fun, too, with the option of virtual money and can target the younger and new crowd of players. But the real fun and the big deal is definitely here is real money slots, with a lot more other parameters, thus creating the right vibes. Social slots should come with more interesting content to grow and beat the fun of the real money slots. 

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