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Blog Posted on 23/02/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Know Mayan symbols through Mayan Moola Slots

Mayan Moola slots gets its inspiration from the Mayan culture. If not before, Mayans are now known worldwide for their prediction of the world ending in 2012, but we all survived! Still, the Mayan culture is respected and followed by many. Mayans are known to be unique and have a very high level of intellect. They have their own symbolisms too, which are different from any other culture in the world. Each and every symbol has some deep meaning hidden in them, and depicts logic about the nature. In the first glimpse, these symbols are not easy to crack. In fact, it took years before anyone could interpret the exact meanings of the symbols.

Mayan Moola Slots Symbols Inspired from the Mayan culture

It was in 1973 that the symbols of Mayan culture could actually be understood with their exact meanings. The symbols are more of pictures than alphabets. Mostly these symbols take form of animals, and some also get their inspiration from the nature and important structures like the Pyramids. But mostly, the symbols consist of the Earth’s cycles. The most important symbol, though, is the Eagle. This is regarded with high respect in their culture because it represents a very meaningful and contemplative thought – mainly as a protector of the community that cooperates with the whole society.

One can go much deeper in the Mayan civilization with Mayan Moola slots. The symbols are regarded as channels to inner wisdom, which gives the people the power to focus and absorb more wisdom from the nature.

Mayan Moola slots have 100 paylines, which means it is not only informative but also entertaining with a fantastic gameplay. Lots of cash is also to be won on this journey to wisdom. The symbols that can be seen here are the jaguar, cactuses, pyramids, and other members of the wild life – because that is what the Mayans believe in – learning from the wilderness!

Vegas Mobile Casino is glad to bring the Mayan Moola slots game to its players. Everyone will love spinning in this stunner that has a great return rate too. The way the graphics are done in this slot is mesmerizing and you will have a tough time taking your eyes off it!

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