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Blog Posted on 28/06/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Know Multi hand Blackjack Rules

The mobile version is much easier to handle – though the multi hand blackjack rules and strategies remain the same. For those who don’t know, multi hand Blackjack is a game where a single player can play with more than one hand in the same game. Depending on the number of players and number of hands with each player, this game can have 5, 6, or even 8 decks of cards.

Simple Multi hand Blackjack Rules You Need to Follow

The objective of the game remains the same – to beat the dealer’s hand. But this also means that in this fast-paced game, every hand you play is considered distinct. The basics remain the same, a total higher than 21 is a bust, so whoever has it loses the deal. In some versions of multi hand Blackjack, the dealer is given the luxury to peek for a Blackjack. For that, you must read the rules given along the game carefully. The same thing is also applicable in the case of hitting or standing on soft 17.

Mobile multi hand blackjack rules

  • One of the multi hand Blackjack rules states that the player cannot surrender. In some situations, the player may double the hand, but in no way can he surrender. But you may not even surrender, because if you are playing with multi hands, you can strategise accordingly to win the game session.
  • In another multi hand Blackjack rule, it is stated that insurance bets can be placed with a 2:1 payout, only after the player and the dealer get their first 2 cards. In this case, the game goes on until there is a winner – a player or the dealer. In the occasion when the player wins, he gets 3:2 payout. In the other scenario where the dealer wins, the player loses the bet amount.
  • Now that you know a bit of the multi hand Blackjack rules, you can go ahead and enjoy this version of the classic Blackjack on Vegas Mobile Casino. Most players and Blackjack lovers prefer this version of the game than others because it has a medium house edge generally and is fast-paced. This makes it a very exciting game, which not only increases the entertainment factor, but the chances to win also increase as the strategies that one can apply on them are convenient.

If you want to boost up that adrenaline rush again, then playing Multi hand Blackjack is a good way to do so. Place your bets, follow these multi hand Blackjack rules and play your heart out! You never know, when your lucky time is!

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