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Blog Posted on 31/08/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Las Vegas – the Gambling Capital of the World! 

Las Vegas – the Gambling Capital of the World!


Las Vegas has been popularly known for the casinos and the entertaining life that it embodies. The city came into being in 1905 and gambling became legalized in the city in the year 1931. Since then, it has become a gambling hotspot of the world. By the year 1954, the city had grown to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and by the year 1960, premium casinos such as Caesar’s Palace had established itself in the city turning it into a city with neon lights. In 2008, despite recession Las Vegas still had approximately 40 million visitors! It indeed has established itself as an entertaining city with visitors from across the world. Today, the city of Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital of the world with a very low rate of unemployment and a hub of luxurious hotels.

How to reach Las Vegas?

The most popular and easy way to reach this exciting city is to land into McCarran International airport, there are many airlines that will take you to Las Vegas with a discounted offer on the fare price.

Few facts regarding the Casinos at Las Vegas

The Casinos at Vegas are also well-known for the free booze that it offers to its players along with exhilarating gaming experience featuring a mesmerising mobile casino with the latest mobile slots game.

  • The Casinos at Vegas are also well-known for the free booze that it offers to its players along with exhilarating gaming experience
  • In this gambling capital of the world, if you are not sure about how to gamble, then play the craps game at the Casinos which are comparatively simple.
  • Walk in like a professional at these Casinos to give them a feeling that you are going to gamble heaps of money.
  • One thing common across all the Casinos in Las Vegas is a Circle Bar which is the main hub for players to interact and find new friends.

Events to look forward to in Las Vegas

There is more to Las Vegas than just gambling, the city is also a host of various shows and concerts that will leave you amazed. There is a list of events that take place on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis.

  • Acts like Penn and Teller entertain you with a perfect blend of magic and humour.
  • The city also presents only adult shows like Crazy girls and Fantasy.
  • The Casinos besides letting you enjoy the fun of gambling also has shows by famous DJs and live concerts from popular bands from across the world.
  • Different Casinos have different shows and concerts every once in a while.

Interesting and unknown facts about the gambling city

It is also known as sin city because of the varied adult attraction shows and events that it embodies. But by late 20th century, the officials worked together to make Las Vegas a “cleaner” city.

  • The legend, Elvis Presley had performed more than 800 shows in the city.
  • There are lists that the Casinos have which bans certain individuals from entry
  • The neon cowboy figure outside a Casino in Vegas is also one of the greatest mechanical sign in the world.
  • The city of Las Vegas is actually a desert, the smallest desert in America
  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is one of the largest in the world.
  • The gambling capital of the world is also known for the number of weddings that take place, close to 300 per day.
  • There is one slot machine for about every 8 residents of Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas has something for everyone, it one of the most fun and exciting city to be in. The neon lights that spread across the city and the world that this little city in the Mojave Desert embodies is an experience worth for everyone.  Indeed Las Vegas justifies the “Gambling Capital of the World” tag that has been given to it.

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