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Blog Posted on 11/02/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Live Poker Vs Video Poker: What is Your Choice?

Live Poker Vs Video Poker: What is Your Choice?

Poker fans are simply getting confused with the myriad of Poker options available online. Further, many people find playing Live Poker still a convenient option. Though the popularity of the game is increasing, there will be various options still available like online blackjack, etc. 

Poker is such a broad gaming term and not just restricted to Live Poker. Online casinos have become famous and are gaining momentum since the COVID pandemic. People have started relying on playing online roulette at home, and it has become a favorite game for many.

Casino Poker is all about two forms: Live Poker and video Poker. Let’s get into understanding the techniques and ideas of playing both:

1.Video Poker

Video Poker is basically a digital game and has been changing the future of online casinos. Likewise, it is the game where you are aiming to hit the best five-card hand. At the first betting round, you will be getting five cards. Secondly, you will get the option of either holding the cards or swapping any cards that you like. After making the decision, hit the deal button, and any cards not held will be exchanged with the new ones.

If all your five cards made a ranked Poker hand, from right ace high to a royal flush, you will win the online casino and win big prizes. Secondly, the only thing with video Poker is that the variants offer minimum hand requirements.

Advantages of video Poker

Video Poker is first introduced with the advances in technology. Furthermore, the mobile casino has evolved and adapted with a popularity for decades. One of the biggest advantages of playing video Poker is the convenience level it provides to all the medium offers. The new players get the chance of playing free first hands.

Higher payback percentage than slot machines

Most of the video Poker machines have 92% of payback, although the tight machines will be closer to giving 90%. Besides, the machines don’t offer the same pay at all times, and in the long run, you will be enjoying the video Poker machines more. If you pick the right tables, you can play the game with a house edge, which will be beneficial for you.

Make decisions to play on your own

Video Poker is very similar to online Blackjack. Similarly, the game depends on your decisions, and the game will lower or raise based on the decision qualities you make. There are 32 different ways of playing the game. Only one of the ways will have higher expected values.

Video Poker requires a live stream connection, but it will be difficult to play if there is a drop in Internet connection. It is quite easy to learn; simply install the app, and you are ready to play.

Live Poker Vs Video Poker

2. Live Poker

Live Poker, unlike the online casino, is played on a real deal table. Likewise, even here, you will have to win the five-card hand. There are also minimum requirements to be given to play with live dealers. The only difference is that you will have to beat the player to win the spot. At the start of the game, you will be given two dealt cards, and you will be asked if you want to continue.

If the starting placing cards are high, place an extra bet and see the flop. Secondly, you can either bet or check the way right through the turn of the fourth community card. The river is the fifth community card that you can bet on if you feel you can beat the dealer at the Poker. If you prefer to stay at the river, the two cards of dealers are revealed, and the strength is compared. If you win the spot, you will be receiving a return on investment.

Advantages of playing live Poker

The main element in live Poker is the social element present in it. Are you someone interested in playing real Poker with real hands on the table? Though AI is improving, you can simply replicate the wits of playing Poker against a real man. Poker helps you to meet new people and have a little conversation with fellow players.

The casino remains open 24/7

Playing with real money in Live Poker is so much fun as shift workers will be helping you to play the game. It is open 24/7, which means you can play this kind of Poker even when it is 3 am in the morning.

Communication being held live

Live Poker is best because you can directly communicate with the real dealers making the game much exciting. Further, for those valuing communication in the gambling halls, Poker is like the cherry on top of the cake.

Observe the game without placing bets

In Live Poker, you can watch the game endlessly without placing any bets. A visitor can come to sit at the table where a game has been watched and played. Observation is the ideal technique for identifying the rules of the game.

Video Poker Vs Live Poker

1.  Setting advantages

Since video Poker is digital and the latter is completely live, there will be time constraints in playing as other people are involved in the same.

2.  Speed of the game

Since video Poker is digital, betting doesn’t take much time. Video Poker is much quicker than the live slots. Take your phone and start playing the game.

3.  Strategy of playing

Video Poker is all about mathematics, and if you learn the hand rankings and odds, you can win. Live Poker is seeing and understanding the game. The strategies required in both are different.


Poker does have an element of mathematics in it, and both video Poker and Live Poker have their advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, learn to read the cards well and remember what has been dealt with. Video Poker is for all those who are tight with time and learning the ropes of the game. Poker is learning to play amongst other players.


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