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Blog Posted on 15/05/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Martingale: The Safest Casino Strategy

Of all the Online Casino Gambling Strategies, that are available, the Martingale casino strategy is the easiest to understand and implement. The catch to this simplicity is that you need to have a big bankroll and the guts to continue betting, in spite of facing a losing streak.

The Martingale betting system is one of the oldest and safe casino strategies that have been used since time. It increases your winning chances in the short term. But, in the long run, it is one strategy which is advised not to use.

How Martingale safe casino gambling strategy works?

More popular with the new casino players who believe, that the odds of winning, is more after a losing streak. They believe that they will eventually have to win. This gambler’s fallacy is their downfall and they end up losing their bankroll.

Here’s how the strategy works. You make a bet on a game and lose. On the next round, you bet double of your initial wager on the game. You lose again, and continue placing a bet that is double of your previous bets till you encounter a win.

Once you win the round, you go back to your initial bet and continue with the same betting strategy. This results in you recouping your loses and making a small profit.

For example, your total betting limit is say 100.

  • Bet 5 on a casino game and lose.
  • Bet 10 on next round and again lose.
  • Bet 20 on next round and again lose.
  • Bet 40 on next round and again lose.
  • Bet 80 on next round and win.

At this point you have won 80 and recouped your losses. You have won your initial bet unit, plus an extra unit, which is your profit. You begin the next round with a starting bet of 5 and continue applying the Martingale casino strategy.

Is Martingale casino strategy the right one for you?

This safe casino strategy is commonly applied for the even money bets seen in the roulette game. The basic principle on which the Martingale gambling strategy hinges on is that you can win in the short run. But, over time, this is a very risky strategy. You can see how the betting rising exponentially, when on a losing streak. This will continue until you run out of the betting amount or you get a win.

You must have a big bankroll to continue placing bets. In the eventuality that you have reached your limit and are still on a losing streak, walk away from the game. Even if you break the losing run with a win, this is a short term win.

Learn from this lesson that in the long run, it never pays to keep doubling the bet amount. The more rounds you play, the bigger is you’re losing chances. You eventually end up crossing the table limit or go bankrupt. Also, the fact that the online casinos have the house edge which can never be beaten. Whether you use the Martingale safe casino strategy or not; the casinos will always make money off the players.

On a closing note, the Martingale casino gambling strategy is the one for you,

  • If you have a large bankroll
  • Are willing to stomach large losses in a row
  • Are playing more for fun rather than for actually winning
  • Are playing for not more than a few hours
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