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Blog Posted on 06/11/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Is maximum bet in mobile slots good or bad?

Winning at the slots is a game of luck and proper strategies. Among the plethora of tips and winning advices that fill the online world, Maximum Bet is the most frequent one. When should you opt for maximum bet? Is it good or bad to select this option when playing mobile slots or even in the online or land based casinos.

No matter what type of mobile slot games you play, the basic strategy for winning is to know your game. Without understanding how the game works, it’s pointless to begin it. Knowing when to bet maximum is the next strategy for winning. At the Vegas Mobile Casino, we will help you understand what the fuss is all about.

What is maximum bet?

The maximum bet is the highest amount of credits or coins that you wager for a single spin. It is determined by the number of paylines, the coin denominations and the number of coins selected. Most of the 3 reel classic slots have up to 3 coins for each spin, with a max bet of three coins.

Selecting the maximum bet in mobile slots?

All the mobile slots are video based with every action performed with fewer clicks. The mobile slots allow greater variation in the number of lines offered. The player can select the number of paylines up to the maximum allowed in the game. He can also bet on any number of coins for a single payline.

The number of betting options available makes it easier for them to have better opportunities of winning. If he wants to make a wager on all the paylines, with the maximum number of coins, he can select the ‘Bet Max’ button and spin away.

Maximum bet and payouts

The biggest and main advantage of Maximum Bet is the payouts associated with it. It is common understanding that it pays to bet maximum to win big. A spin with a minimum bet for a single payline qualifies only for the payout that’s associated with the matched symbols.

The number of paylines that are wagered means a better winning chance. Each additional coin wagered activates additional paylines. It so happens that usually the highest payouts are given only for certain paylines.

The mobile slot games where is pays to the maximum bet is the progressive jackpot slots. These progressive jackpots run into millions sometimes. Only certain combinations of symbols for a spin will win the progressive jackpot if the maximum bet is wagered. Otherwise, the player only gets the fixed payout.

Another area where the maximum bet is a good strategy is during the bonus features and scatters. A scatter pays for any position of the reels. They need not be on an active payline also. Hence the total amount won for any scatter win is keeping in mind the total bet amount wagered and not the line bet. So a maximum bet means a big scatter amount is won.

The bonus features are triggered by the scatters. Since the maximum bet affects the total bet and in turn the scatter wins. As a result the bonus wins also substantially increase. This is another instance where the maximum bet is encouraged when playing mobile slots.

Another small advantage is that the reels spin automatically when the maximum bet is enabled. Thus no extra clicks are needed.

When not to go for a maximum bet?

The progressive slots usually have a lower payout percentage. This is because they are geared towards helping the progressive jackpot to grow. It is frustrating to know you missed the progressive jackpot only because you have not made the maximum bet. Usually the difference between the fixed payouts and the progressive payout is very huge. So unless you are playing for the jackpot, move away from the mobile progressive slot games.

A maximum bet is the quickest way to lose control of your bankroll. The bankroll should be built consciously with smaller bets initially. Only if you are confident, move over for larger bets and then maximum bet.

The maximum bet and maximum payline results in a big hole in your bankroll, if it goes wrong. But it should not deter you from trying for the big wins. Always read the payout schedules for the mobile slot games. It indicates whether you need to make a maximum bet for the bonus features or the jackpots. The best tip would be to play other slot games if the wins are coming. Maximum bet is good or bad depending on the game strategy you adopt.

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