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Blog Posted on 09/08/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Play Casino, Slots, Roulette on Mobile Apps

The Casino industry is a multibillion dollar venture growing by leaps and bounds. Entering into the mobile field is the next step of these casinos after breaking ground on the land based or online domain. Aiding in this profitable business venture is the Mobile Casino Apps that’s a smaller, portable version of the casinos played right from the palm of your hands.

Facts about Mobile Casino Apps

Probably been in existence since civilisation started, gambling is the favoured past times. With time the modes of playing conditions changed but never dulling the excitement and pains of winning big or losing. Casinos have entered the internet era with the online and mobile apps that cater to the vast majority of gamers who prefer this gaming activity to the real traditional casinos.

The most talked about mobile casino apps are the Google Android apps, iPad/iPhone mobile apps, Blackberry mobile apps and Windows Mobile Apps. Available for easy download and installations, these Mobile Casino Apps cover Android based smartphones, iPad, iPhone, tablets. Dedicated websites such as iTunes App Store or Google Play allows these apps to be downloaded for a free trail or paid options.

Other mobile casino apps let them to download the software from the website itself using the QR codes or text links for installation. Each of these apps is quality tested for smooth functionality and operation. A user focused approach is taken by these mobile casinos to ensure the players gaming experience is stress free and enjoyable.

Aspects to consider when selecting Mobile Casino Apps

With new casinos launched with great expectations of being among the top list, it’s a daunting task for them to break into the ranks. Largely helped by the mobile casino player’s participations, what guides them to make them a right choice is?

1. Overview of The Mobile Casino

A good casino review of the website will definitely help to make up their minds. Word of mouth publicity, other player’s casino experience, posts, comments or endorsements from reputed gaming organisations – goes an extra mile to land the top ranking. Compatibility with all the mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones based on different mobile platforms is important.

2. Software and User Interface

Every mobile casino is obliged to use the latest technology in mobile casino apps development to trap the new and existing players. A continuous effort to make the players mobile casino experience smooth, safe, interesting as possible is their top priority. User-friendly interface with HD quality graphics should make it an enjoyable affair.

3. Games mixture

Mobile players should have different choices from varied verticals such as Slots, Table games,Roulette games, Bingo, card games. Basically ensure they are treated royally with the regular addition of new games to keep the players interested and hooked.

4. Banking and Security

The players are guaranteed their money is safe and secure. Extra precautions are taken with the use of latest encryption software to make their online banking transactions are protected from hacking or frauds. Online Banking support from different options such as PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, Neteller, Ukash and others are provided.

5. Customer support

Provide customer support through Email, Voice, Live Chat or Skype Calls to answer any queries of the players.

Advantages of Mobile Casino Apps

What better ways to experience the real casino feel than in the palm of your hand? It’s no wonder that the gamblers are enjoying the mobile casino apps more than the land based or online versions. Let’s give you a quick snapshot of its rapidly rising popularity.

1. Playing while on the go

With time to kill in waiting rooms or while travelling, the most sensible choice seems to play your favourite casino games on your mobiles. The players are spoilt for choice with slots, Roulette games, arcade games, Blackjack and bingo.

Spend these free minutes to have a dose of fun and entertainment grabbing a little cash on the run. With a smartphone or iPad on hand, watch your bankroll increase while banishing boredom to oblivion.

2. Dollops of Instant Fun

Easy and quick installation of the casino apps anytime with less downtime makes it a definite hit for time constraint players. Players can directly download the mobile casino apps from the website or scan the QR code for installation or get a text link for free download. Whichever option you choose access all your favourite games right away anytime.

3. Promotions and Bonuses

The casinos shower special promotions and bonuses targeted towards the mobile players. With cut throat competition among the casinos, it’s no surprise that every one of them offers these special bonuses to capture new players while retaining the old clientele.

The traditional casinos throw open their wallets only during special times or to their favoured clients, but the online or mobile casinos offer extra free spins, welcome bonuses, extra coins or tournaments that run all through the year.

4.Latest Online Technology for Casino Experience

The breakneck speed of mobile technology development is essentially the reason for the casinos to developing games for the mobile platform. The players enjoy the same casino experience as with traditional ones if not more.

The detailed designing and graphics that’s suited for the mobiles lets them enjoy the latest games with exceptional quality and sound effects.

5. Instant Betting Amount

The mobile casinos apps allow the players to make instant deposit for wagering. Whether using tablets or smartphones, with this instant money transfer; play your favourite games while on the move.

Future of Mobile Casino Apps & Gaming

The penetration of internet means for casinos to expand to the vast untapped domain of the mobile users. Better security, newer games with high quality detailing and faster download, installation process will be the order of the day. Not limited to the handheld devices like mobile/smartphones or tablets, the future is in the wearable devices.

Leading the path is the newly launched Google Glass, samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watches or the Apple iWatch. While each of these wearable devices does not support casino games as of now, it won’t be long before this happens.

The pros of these devices outweigh the cons in terms of its weight, looks or the security aspects that plagued during their launch. The iGaming may not be feasible for the wearable smartphones or watches due to the smaller screen sizes but Goggle Glass has some potential. It will happen down the time line, till then we have to wait and watch for the next revolution in the gaming industry.

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