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Blog Posted on 31/08/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Mobile Slots Games or Mobile Roulette – Take your Pick!

Which game is your sin of the day? Is it the spinning reels or the spinning wheel? Mobile Slots games or mobile Roulette games are the most popular of all the casino games that any casino has to offer.

What makes the mobile slots games or the Roulette so popular is their sheer unpredictability. Both are games of chance with luck playing a major role. You might even win the ultimate jackpot or end up losing all your money in a single round.

Online casinos are going to great lengths in promoting their casino games. It is not just the attractive games, design, interface or the exceptional jackpots that are luring the players. The different bonuses, promotional offers and seasonal offers are adding their weight in this endeavour.

Common ground between Mobile Slots Games and Mobile Roulette

Both the casino games – Mobile Slots Games and Mobile Roulette are popular among the mobile casino players. The main reason is their easy approach and gameplay from anywhere while on the move. The positive side about being mobile is that, you can continue the game from where you have left off. Saving and resuming the game allows you to have continuity in the game.

Another aspect which both the casino games have in common is their success in giving the real casino experience to the players. The advancement in mobile technology has brought the real casino to their finger tips. Mimicking every detail of the real gameplay; albeit on the smaller screen, is a tough job. The casinos have excelled in this and it shows in the rising popularity in both.

Typically the casinos offer special bonuses and promotions as a part of their endeavour to make the players play here. It could be the Welcome bonuses, No deposit bonuses, cash match bonuses or free spins. There are some other bonuses like referral bonuses which are given for referring the casino to your friends.

Playing both the mobile casino games

Both of them are as different as chalk and cheese. You can’t compare them. They have different wagering ranges, coin values, rules, design and interface. But, the basic premise is that they are both games of chance.

Playing the mobile slots games is simple. You have to narrow down in on the particular game; select the number of paylines; place the bet and start spinning. If you are lucky, you will be able to land the winning combination and will be paid as per the paytable on these mobile slots games.

The mobile Roulette has a slightly different approach to playing. You have variety of options to place a bet on. It could be on a single number or its combination. Even/odd numbers, colour black or red are the other bets available.

Once you have placed the bet; the Roulette wheel is spun in one direction, while the ball is spun in the other direction. The final landing spot of the ball on the wheel will determine the winning number. If your bet matches with the number then you are paid as per the paytable.

Differing payout ratios

You have a comparatively better chance of landing a win, by playing the mobile slots games than by playing the Roulette. This is predominantly because the payout percentage is between 80% to almost 99% for all the games. The number of paylines, wide betting range, numerous free spins, bonus multipliers and bonus games; all of them offer multiple winning chances for you.

Plus, there is a wide selection of casino games from the various game providers, who have developed games that offer varied gameplay. The game design determines the payout rates.

The mobile Roulette on the other hand, offers you a maximum payout ratio of 35:1 for the single number bet. This is fixed for any variation of Roulette that you play. The bets can be the Inside Bets or Outside bets. You can refer to the paytable to know the exact payout ratios for the bets.

Game version spices up the gameplay!

Variety is the spice of life! So is the case with the different casino games. Mobile Slots games can be the simple Fruit machine based or the video slots. Start off with 1, 3 or 5 payline classic fruit machine slots to understand the gameplay.

You can proceed to the popular video slots, which have a mind-boggling array of game selections. Excellent game theme, design, graphic and animation are complemented by the rousing sound play. 3D mobile slots games and the progressive slots only add more diversity to your mobile gaming adventure and to your winning game plan.

The Mobile Roulette in comparison has a limited variety. There is only so much that you can modify in the game design and game play. You are limited to European, American or French version of the roulette games. The European and French Roulette have a lower casino house edge of around 2% compared to the American Roulette which is around 5%. This is due to the extra ‘00’ number seen in the American version. Along with these, there are other games which will bring diversity to the table.

Take your Pick from Mobile Slots or Mobile Roulette games!

At the end, it is your personal preference which will decide whether you want to play mobile slots games or mobile roulette. Each has their own pros and cons, variety, rewarding payouts and gameplay. Pick up your game and let the fun begin!

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