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Blog Posted on 07/03/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Mobile Users Love Deposit Bonuses

According to a new study, the biggest factor that attracts smartphone and tablet based players are the deposit bonuses and free money pots. The results of a study from Commercial Intelligence say that these are the best promos that attract and convert mobile players! They say that Mobile users love deposit bonuses.

More than 2000 mobile based gamblers based across UK were asked what made them get attracted to a particular casino and what prompted them more to download their mobile app and the answer was deposit bonuses! Higher percentage of players approached had the same notion that a offers like deposit bonus match, or doubling the deposit bonus attract them more than other freebies mobile casino throw at them.

The report from Commercial Intelligence says that about 35% of all mobile gambling app downloads came through because of the factor of deposit bonus offers and that 34% were free money pots. Interestingly loyalty bonus came at a lowly fourth at 28%.

It has seen that almost every operator that has realised the potential of mobile casino has seen a serious boost to their revenue. This time the internet may actually live up to its hype as the mobile revolution is here to stay!

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