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Blog Posted on 22/03/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Most Expensive Casino Buildings in the World

Many of you might have visited casinos which are both regular and some are lavish too, especially the ones like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, China’s Macau and such. The lavish ones often come with accommodations like a casino (of course!), hotels, restaurants, swimming pools etc. So, it must come as no wonder if these casino buildings’ price is entering the billion-dollar lot. Know more about this and check out some of the most expensive casino buildings in the world!

Expensive Casino Buildings in the World

Las Vegas’ City Center Casino is one of the Most Expensive Casino Buildings

The City Center is not a mere casino but a real estate of a massive 17 million square feet. What lies in this huge area? Well, pretty much everything one can imagine! Around 2400 homes, 4 Hotels, restaurants numbering to 42 and a splendid casino have been developed by the MGM Resort Developers. This remains as one of the most expensive private construction in the US to date. Although, it is such a splendid property and one of the expensive casino buildings, it is losing its prime days and some other properties are cropping up in the area which is currently the charm of the city.

$5.36 Billion Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands resort stands tall facing the breathtaking Marina Bay in Singapore. The designers of this iconic resort, Moshe Safdie, have cleverly and fashionably integrated many different structures in this resort. These include 2,561 hotel rooms, the world’s largest atrium casino, a museum, convention-exhibition centre, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands mall, “celebrity chef” restaurants, art-science exhibits, two large theatres and two floating Crystal Pavilions. The world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool in the SkyTower is also included here.

Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa worth $4.93 billion

One of many other expensive casino buildings- Resorts World Sentosa, also has many iconic buildings like Universal Studios Themes Park, world’s second largest oceanarium, Adventure Cove Water Park, 7 different hotels and such. Thanks to the Genting Singapore Developers, the Resorts World Sentosa has become the fame of the island Sentosa.

$2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas Resort

The whole property of the Wynn Las Vegas is a visual treat as well as a once in a lifetime experience. No wonder it makes to the list of the most expensive casino buildings in the world. Wynn Las Vegas is one of the biggest casino resorts which have 4750 hotel rooms making it the seventh biggest hotel in the world, casino and a convention centre.

World’s Largest Casino – Venetian Macau comes with $2.4 Billion Worth Property

Venetian Macau is the largest single structure hotel building in complete Asia. It stands as the world’s largest casino with 6,000 slot machines and more than 800 variety of gaming table. Wait till you check out its 3,000 suites and hotel rooms, splendid conference space, delightful restaurants and such. This all and more accounts for $2.4 billion worth giving this incredible casino resort a place in the most expensive casino buildings list.

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