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Blog Posted on 20/07/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Most Popular Casino Games Across The Globe

Why are online slots all the rage all over the globe and feature loads of the latest gimmicks and inventive promotion methods? This doesn’t by any means mean that traditional casino games are facing extinction. Indeed, in quite a few countries, these traditional table games regularly attract more players than slots in all their majesty can. Hurrah for them! So, compiled below is a list of the most popular casino games out there, to help you know just which casino game currently ranks highest among players.

Most Popular Casino Games

Read on and Get Wowed With The List Of The Most Popular Casino Games!

• Blackjack Love Never Dies!: Data from a market research show that players still have really tender feelings for Blackjack or 21 as it is known in some countries. From the statistics taken from the US and the analysed results, an astonishing 60% of players prefer having fun with slot games, while 19% love the thrill and the feeling of class that blackjack offers. This percentage puts it far above its fellows and ensures that it gains the title of the most popular casino game.
As well, for 24% of young people who came to a casino, Blackjack was the game they wanted to lay their hands on. Roulette was second at 8%. Tied at fourth were Poker and Craps.

• Germany Gets Spinning!: Despite rumours of bettors being forced to make bargains with the devil, Roulette is Germany’s most favoured table game. This is according to a survey that found out that nearly 60% of players preferred the Roulette wheel to any other table game whenever they paid a visit to a casino. Roulette is also quite popular in another choice location- France.

• South America Loves Its Poker: Just like in the US, Blackjack is the most popular casino game in South America. However, despite it being illegal in some countries in the region, the love of Poker has been growing by leaps and bounds.
In countries where it is legal, bodies like the Venezuelan Poker Association has been formed. Their task is unsurprisingly to raise awareness of what can be an incredibly suspenseful game, to make and clarify game rules, administer the game and host tournaments where players can meet and greet, apart from winning frightful amounts of money.

• M Is For Baccarat!: The autonomous region of Macau has since replaced Las Vegas as the city of dreams and the place with the highest gambling revenues. It is also the Baccarat capital of the world.
Its immense success and innovations have long been copied by quite a few online and brick and mortar casinos all over the globe. These include such things as an astoundingly suspenseful, and slow-mo card reveal called the squeeze, as well as bean-shaped card tables. All these and more have proved to be a real hit with bettors and have made Macau the go-to place for those looking for a sublime gaming experience overlaid with a delish Asian flavour, that has to be seen, experienced and tasted to be believed!

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