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Blog Posted on 19/03/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Most Popular Myths about Roulette

A visit to the casino is not complete unless you try your luck on Roulette. And with time, they have now come to you with the mobile version! Roulette mobile game is equally entertaining and rewarding as its original version! If you are a casino lover, you know what this game is all about. And even if you are new to this world, understanding Roulette is not a rocket science. But there are some things you need to keep in mind, especially from some myths that have been around a while. Let us look at some popular myths about Roulette.

Most Popular Myths about Roulette

Previous Spins Influence the Future Spins

This is a myth most people believe in. But it is not even 1% true. Roulette is a game of just LUCK. Each spin, each game, everything is independent. There is no winning pattern, and so the winning chances are always same in every game.

Dealers have Control Over the Ball

Now this one is very popular and everyone somewhere always has a doubt on the same. You might have seen it in the movies that the dealer plays his tricks to stop the ball at a particular number, but this is so not true. The speed of the wheel is very high, and to control the ball over that is impossible. In Roulette mobile game, you can have the assurance that no tampering can be done!

All Roulette Wheels are Same

There are actually two types of wheels – American and European. Both of them have the same rules of playing, but the wheel is a little different. While the European version has one zero slot, the American version has two zero slots – single 0 and double zero (00) respectively. While each casino might have just one type of them – either European or American, Roulette mobile games have both options available at once.

There are Betting Strategies and Calculations which help Players in Winning

Completely false! There are no mathematical calculations or betting strategies that one can do to influence winning. Every spin is unique and Roulette is a game of fortune! You cannot predict it, only can rely on your luck.

Types of Bets do not Influence the Chances of Winning

There are basically two types of bets – inside and outside. If you bet on the outside, the chances of winning are 50%, and if you bet on the inside, the chances of winning are 1:35. Thus, we can say that bets actually have influence on the wins. However, what number will the ball land on can still not be predicted, and same is the case with Roulette mobile games. However, various mobile Roulette bets types have proven to be useful.

Vegas Mobile Casino brings to you fair games and equal chances of winning to give you the best online casino experience with Roulette mobile game.

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