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Blog Posted on 30/08/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Movie Slots That Made It to Vegas Mobile Casino

It is a fantastic feeling to play movie slots based on movies that you have already watched. Isn’t it? The online gaming giant Microgaming has introduced various such slots based on all-time favourite movies such as Terminator 2, Hellboy, King Arthur and Jurassic Park. The slots are as much exciting to play at Vegas Mobile Casino as are the movies to watch.

Movie Slots That You Can’t Stop Playing

  1. Terminator 2: Do you know that this movie took so much time for production that Edward Furlong aged noticeably in the shoot? His voice had to be sharpened in the scenes that were shot later and also he looks much younger in the desert scenes. In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the role of Terminator, who is a T-800 machine sent from the future to save Sarah Connor and her son John from T-1000. This evil machine tries to kill John as he is going to a future human resistance to machines. The slot has 5-reel 243-paylines in the base game. Terminator 2 slots provide exciting 1024 ways to win during the free spins round. The two bonus features are the T-800 vision feature and the free spins bonus round. In the first feature, you scan targets to win cash prizes. The free spins feature offers an exciting a payout of 2950 times your stake amount. Medium variance movie slots such as this one become everyone’s instant favourites.

  2. Hellboy: This movie is based on the comic series stars Ron Perlman as the Hellboy. It is amazing to know what kind of stunts the actors perform. Ron Perlman actually jumped onto a train coming towards him at 45 mph to shoot the subway scene. He even broke a rib in the process! Hellboy slots is a 5-reel non-progressive slow which has 20 paylines. In this slot, the free spins feature is triggered at random during the game. Moreover, the slots game has an underworld bonus round and a gamble feature. It is one of the movie slots with a great jackpot prize of £25,000.

  3. King Arthur: The cold and dreary climate in the movie is nowhere close to the actual temperature in Ireland where the movie was shot. The temperature was a near record high at that time! This movie is based on the history and politics of the time when King Arthur ruled at the time of the collapse of the Roman empire. King Arthur slots is based on this movie is a 5-reel and 20 payline slot with a lot of bonus features including wild and scatter symbols, multipliers and two bonus rounds namely The Camelot bonus and The Path bonus.

  4. Jurassic Park: Do you know that the roar of the dinosaur T-Rex was a composite of the roars of an alligator, tiger and baby elephant sounds. The storyline of the movie is based on the creation of Jurassic Park, an island full of living dinosaurs. Like most of the movie slots, Jurassic Park slots has 5 reels and 243 paylines and is again powered by Microgaming. This is a medium variance slot like Terminator 2. This slots game is known for plenty of free spins bonus rounds triggered by various dinosaurs.

You can now be a part of these all time hits by playing these movie slots online. None of these are going to disappoint you and you can have some super exciting time by playing these classics.

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