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Blog Posted on 27/10/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Vegas Mobile Casino adds brand new Casual Casino Games to its Collection!

Vegas Mobile Casino is the ultimate place for playing a whole variety of games from different genres. They provide a plethora of gaming options along with unmatched gaming experience. The innumerable slot games available makes it the ultimate paradise for the casino lovers. Vegas Mobile Casino has yet again offered a treat to its customers by adding two brand new casual casino games to its collection. Try the all new Fruit blast and Beehive Bedlam and get to know for yourself.

Vegas Mobile Casino Adds Brand New Casual Casino Games To Its Collection!

Try out Beehive Bedlam Casual Casino Games

Beehive Bedlam is one of the latest casual casino games added to the collection of Vegas Mobile Casino. Designed by OpenBet, it is more of an arcade game and is packed with numerous bonus features and progressive jackpots. Set Up against a beehive, it sports Buzz the bee, purple and pink flower, daisy, beekeeper, red and blue flower as the standard symbol. There is no wild symbol in here. It also has a queen bee and a boss man to assist you making winnings for yourself.

You will find an interesting free falls bonus feature here, which will be triggered on scoring three or more freefall symbols. The player is awarded 8, 10,12,15 free falls for three, four, five and six symbols respectively. Also, on the last fall, bees fly to the top of the screen and letters of word ‘JACKPOT’ are dropped below. If all the letters are dropped successfully, the player is awarded progressive jackpot.

Another bonus feature named honey jar/islands and worlds is also added to add the icing on the cake. On completely filling the honey jar (present on the left of the screen), the bonus game is triggered. The player can control the bee in this bonus game and win coins. Beehive Bedlam is an interesting game with plenty of small wins.

Ace the Fruit Blast Casual Casino Games

Another casual casino games added to the collection of Vegas Mobile Casino is named Fruit Blast. This slot game is different from the others in the sense that it requires logic and input. The slot is set up against a beach bar and has various bartenders working for it. As it progresses, the player can choose the employee of their choice and avail their respective features.

The slot doesn’t have any wild symbol. There are five basic symbols including cherries, lemons, grapes, pineapples, and watermelon. Each winning fruit combination is worth one star. These stars allow the player to level up. Levelling is the feature that allows the player to select the bartender of their choice. There are varieties of bonuses like summer, aloha, pat, level 9, level 12 etc. that awards numerous cash prizes, multipliers and bonus features. Also, scoring a cluster of three jackpot awards the player with 1000x the initial bet.

Fruit Blast is an engrossing slot which plenty of charm and excitement.

Check out these amazing casual casino games available at Vegas Mobile Casino, without any further delay! They are fun and worth your time.

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