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Blog Posted on 08/05/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

New Slots Launch by Microgaming in May 2018

Microgaming has managed to keep us entertained for a while now. Its features and user-friendly new slots games have always been popular among the masses. Moreover, it has dominated the online casino market for quite a while. With over 600 games present on their online casino sites, Microgaming has become a powerful force in the market. Moreover, they have also advanced in the technology that they use in their casino sites.

Over the years, more and more online casino sites have entered the arena but Microgaming’s online casinos have still managed to be a revolution. Due to its loyal players’ community and new content every now and then, Vegas Mobile Casino have never floundered. It is a legitimate player that looks after the needs of the players and continues to grow.

New Slots Launch by Microgaming in May 2018

What to Expect from the New Slots Releases?

Microgaming is launching the two new slots this month i.e., the Goldwyn’s Fairies and the Lucky Links. These slot games are filled with exciting offers and cool new feature in the form of Super Reels. Super reels help the player to win attractive rewards while playing the game. These slots are specially designed for the adventurous people who rely on the excitement that the game of chance presents them with.

Goldwyn’s Fairies – the Amazing New Slots Game is all set to release

Goldwyn’s Fairies has to be one of the most famous new slots game. Filled with magic and fantasy, the slot game manages to attract your attention with its smooth interplay, attractive offers and playing experience. The major feature you can bank on in this game is the Re-spin wild which can bring you out happy from the slot screen. You will love the returning wilds that will be busy fetching you payouts in this game. There are 20 paylines on which you have to show your skills of getting lucky!

Lucky Links Slot Special Features and Bonus

Lucky Links has also managed to attract a huge gaming database due to its close resemblance to Las Vegas slots and attractive rewards. Designed on a purple background, the game expects nothing but making links of similar symbols horizontally. Just for the Win developers has ensured that can get up to 352 times of your stake out of this slot game. The major symbols that can be observed on the reels include spades, diamonds, and hearts off. Other than these there are clovers, acorns, horseshoes, and 7s dominating the reels.

The Revolutionary Mobile Casino – Vegas Mobile Casino

Vegas Mobile Casino offers you these new slots with smooth functioning on both iOS and Android platforms, the casino has managed to capture a whole new market with their ever-growing range of slots.

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