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Blog Posted on 02/06/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

No Deposit Bonus v/s Free Spins

The No deposit bonus and the free spins bonus are a terrific way for luring both the new and existing online casino players. Before deciding on which is the best option for the players, a quick rundown on the similarities between them is needed.

Common ground between No Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

Starting Out for the new players – For a new player, both the free spin offer and the no deposit bonus offer are a boon. As a way for getting to grips with the gameplay, payout structures, different games and themes, both are useful. Because, you are playing with the free casino money, you have the liberty to quit whenever you want. Only if you are comfortable with playing in the casino, you should begin making real money bets.

Loyalty pays for the players – Stay loyal to one casino. Usually they will slip in information about the upcoming free spin offers or the no deposit bonus offers during their online promotions.

Search for new online casinos – In this tight casino market, staying afloat in the face of the tough competition from the long established and reputed ones is an ongoing struggle for the new casinos. As part of their marketing plan, offering the free spins and the no deposit bonuses for playing in their casinos is a big boost to their online presence. This helps in recruiting new players.

Promotion of the new slot games – Check out the new slot games which are in the market. As a promotional event, the players are given free spins to check out the new game. Generating interest and hype. It is a magnet for the players to check out the gameplay, payout structure, graphics, video and other aspects of the game. Word of mouth, free publicity, reviews in online forums only add to the popularity of the new slot game.

No Deposit Bonus or Free Spins?

The one place where the no deposit bonus scores over free spins is the time frame associated with these bonuses. Whenever you are rewarded the no deposit bonus, you can play until it lasts. This free casino money is yours and you are not required to continue playing at the casino after it finishes. There is no time limit. Only if you continue playing with real money, will this matter.

In case of the free spin offers, this is usually associated with a particular slot game and valid only for a particular period. Plus you have to enter the correct free spin bonus codes to avail the free spins. An incorrect code will block you from availing the offer & the bonuses associated with it.

There is also limited availability of the free spins bonus. Since most of these are offered for particular slot games and for a limited period, it is offered on a first come first serve basis.

At the end of the day, there is no winner on which offer to opt for. Both are important for getting you to continue playing at the online casino. Each one of them has minuses and pluses, which you have to consider.

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