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Blog Posted on 20/11/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

No Download Casinos or Download Casinos – Which is Better?

All the casino players at one time or the other have faced the question whether to download or not the casino software. For them it’s a matter of personal preferences. Each of these two options comes with its own set of pros and cons. They can be applied to all the online or mobile casinos. Before dwelling further, lets us know what the download or no download casino software are.

Download Casinos Facts and Advantages

A common misconception that almost all gamblers have is that the download casinos software is bulky and requires lots of disk space on your PC’s or laptops or mobile devices. The player’s internet connection is used to communicate with the online casino software using the host computer’s information. This might be the case with the earlier computers which had less memory space.

Depending on what devices you are using, the download or no download casinos each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are the download mobile casinos major features.

  • The software download occurs only once.
  • All the games have game features that are similar to the online website version.
  • The download mobile casinos make use of the casinos latest updates, news and promotions, and bonuses. It directly updates on the hard drive.
  • All the games and features are in high quality graphics with better sound effects than the no download versions.
  • The players can resume their game if an internet connection disruption occurs. Recovery of game details and other features is easy.
  • Because of the high quality games, the minimum system requirement is high compared to the no download versions. You need large disk space.

No Download Casinos

As technology improved, the computer’s performance and memory issues also improved. Now it’s possible for the players to enjoy their mobile games without any casino software download. The players can directly play their games on the casino website.

The casino software directly interacts to the casino server through the web browser. All the relevant information is stored only until the player’s session is in progress. The no download casinos use the latest Flash or plug-ins for playing the mobile games.

The development of casino games using the latest Flash or the more recent HTML5 technology has made the no download mobile casinos a reality. The transition of most of the online casino games to the mobile platform is smooth and easy. Mentioned below are the major features of the no download casinos.

  • The no download mobile casinos require no software download. Just logon to the casino website using your account details and play instantly.
  • Easy access from any of the mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, smartphones or tablets.
  • Although the initial loading of casino software on the web browser takes time, there is no storage requirement on the hard disk.
  • All the web browsers support the no download mobile casinos. Most of the casino games are compatible with the web browsers because of the latest flash or HTML5 or Java support.
  • No fear of virus attacks as in the case of downloaded casino software.
  • Players can play a number of casino games on different online casinos at the same time.
  • Online security if using a public computer is compromised. Players should logout completely after their gaming sessions.
  • Graphics and sound effects are less detailed when compared to the downloaded mobile casinos.
  • The number of game features and variety is also less compared to the downloaded versions.
  • The casino gaming experience depends on the reliable internet connection. Frequent disruptions make game recovery difficult.

No Download Casinos v/s Download Casinos

This is one debate which will continue as long as players play. The endless arguments from both sides, will add to the confusion of the players. Most of the no download casinos games are free. Thus, allowing them to enjoy playing the games without worrying about depositing real money. The scales tip towards the no download casinos. It is perfect for the occasional gambler or for someone looking around for the online casino before playing with real money.

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