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Blog Posted on 16/07/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Foxin’ wins for Online Bingo

Bingo is an old game and boasts of a rich history spanning centuries. It is a game enjoyed by people across all ages.

Bingo is a game of chance and mostly includes random numbers printed in a 5*5 fashion on cards. To win the game, a player should achieve a fixed pattern of numbers on his card. Once he achieves it, he can proclaim himself as a winner by calling out BINGO. Over the course of time, the game has evolved and every jurisdiction has their own set of rules for players to play online Bingo. But the excitement and the thrills remain the same even years after the game was started.

With the advent of online and mobile casinos, Bingo has become extremely popular as people get to enjoy the game anywhere and anytime. Many major casinos have tied up with popular software providers to get players to experience the magic of Bingo in the virtual world.

Bingo went online in the year 1996 and has seen its share of ups and downs due to the fact that a limited set of people had access to internet. But now with the dramatic rise in internet users and the spectacular world of mobile gaming opening its doors, Bingo is no way left behind.

The online Bingo software makes use of the commendable Random Number generator which ensures that the games are genuine and not tampered with.

Mobile Bingo

In the course of time, online Bingo had lost its sheen due to the advent of various other exciting games. But now, the online game designers are trying to capture the excitement and madness of Bingo in the virtual world.

Each online casino has varied set of rules when it comes to Mobile Bingo. Instead of the Bingo caller, the random number Generator calls out the numbers online. The first player to mark the four corners of the Bingo card, the first player to mark a horizontal line, and the first player to mark all the numbers on their ticket are mostly the three types of winners in this splendid game.

The casinos usually have different variations of winning combinations .Even the numbers in the Bingo cards are selected randomly but they follow a fixed range. Numbers in the range 1to 15 are a part of B column. Numbers in the range 16 to 30 house the I column, the ranges between 31 and 45 in addition to a blank space in the middle is the N column. G column has numbers between 46 and 60, and column O has numbers from 61 to 75. Upon winning the full game or any line for that matter, you can win a certain amount depending on the game provider.

Benefits of Mobile Bingo

Online Bingo has its share of advantages like free initial deposits with which new players can start playing .The stellar promotional offers awarded from to time ensures that the customers play more games as usually they will be given bonuses to play more by casinos which benefits both players and casino owners. Players can earn more by playing more.

On the other hand, if customers play more games, casino is benefitted. If you are an online player, you can get a free game beforehand as opposed to the land based Bingo. You can also claim huge Jackpots in Online Bingo. Unlike land-based Bingo the offers made by the online Bingo gives you a chance to chat with players across the world which is a great way to socialize.

Online Bingo players are mostly provided with three types of bonuses like initial match deposit bonus, second deposit and even the third deposit match bonus. In addition to this, they get exuberant bonuses on special occasions like festivals, birthdays, weekends etc.

Just get a good internet connectivity, get hooked to your laptops or mobile phones and start playing the cool game of Bingo. Foxin’ quick and huge money in a matter of few hours with this sleek game.

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