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Blog Posted on 19/02/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top Online Casino Games to Play

You will find the list of online casino games growing fast. The favourite games appeal to a broad spectrum of players. Right from the newbie to the veteran, the range of online casino games available for them is rich and varied. One such premium online casino is Monster Casino that offers a wide range of online slots and games for players in the UK.

The Rise of the Online Casino Games

The worldwide interest of these casino online games is fuelled by the advancement in the Internet technology. With falling charges for an Internet connection, the players are no longer constrained by a hefty phone bill. They can play from anywhere at any time.

Plus the added beneficial of using different depositing methods and withdrawing options, it has attracted the players from all levels. They can use the conventional methods of credit/debit cards, wire transfers, E-wallets or cheques. The time frame for their realisation is varied, and also depends on the individual online casinos.

The latest banking options are the mobile casino Pay by Phone Bill and the Boku. Easy, quick and convenient, you have instant access to the real money.

The initial appeal for making the players to play at their casino online is through the free no deposit bonuses, welcome deposits, match deposit bonuses and the various promotions and offers. All these factors contribute to making the players play the online casino games.

At the end of the day, it is the individual player’s choice, which is important for pushing the online casinos position to the top. A look at the online traffic to the casino websites reveals that occupying the top spot is the evergreen Blackjack followed by the Slots. The others in the list include Roulette, Bingo and Scratch Cards.


Blackjack rules the card table right from the time, online gambling came into existence. The idea of beating the dealer at his own game is tempting for the card players. Get the magic number of 21 without crossing over it or going bust. You have to get a number which is as close to this while being higher than the other players total. A simple game it’s only drawback is the ability of keep getting a new card which might result in you going Bust. If you want to know the different variations in mobile blackjack games we have a separate blog for more info.


The unknown factor is the only constant idea behind the mobile slots game. The bright flashy symbols, interesting themes, excellent graphic and animation coupled with a captivating music. These cornerstones are what make the mobile slots a pulling feature of any online casino.

Placing a wager starting with a few cents, it’s your winning chance to take home the exceptional payouts and progressive jackpots. With it’s easy to understand rules, quick and fast gameplay, it is your perfect time pass online casino game.


Occupying the centre of any casino; if lady luck doesn’t favour you then Roulette will be last on your list of online casino games. Having equal chance of you winning or losing all your bet, this number prediction casino game is both frustrating and exciting. We also have a strategy guide for mobile roulette players.

The simple play is of guessing the final position of the ball when betting on a single number or a combination of them. Your best chance of winning is by placing the maximum bets covering the table or on even money bets. The odds at which each outcome pays out depends on the probability of that outcome happening.


It is another online casino games where random numbers are pulled out. You have to mark out the called numbers on a card filled with these random numbers. The game continues until the winning pattern or line is completed.

Entirely a game of chance, the unpredictability is its USP. More of a social game, you can chat with players from all over the Internet to make it interesting.

Scratch Cards

As suggested by the name, scratch at the card covered with a thin film. You have to usually match 3 particular items, or matching symbols to win the payouts. Again a luck based game, you can win more from this, rather than the Lottery.

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