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Blog Posted on 24/08/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Online Casino Watchdogs

The Internet revolution has captured the minds of players and casinos likewise. Exciting, ease of use, instant access, quick payouts and exceptional games are the pluses of Online/Mobile Casinos. With hundreds of online/mobile casinos opening worldwide, Online Casino Watchdogs are your answer for players to have certain guidelines to look out for when playing over the Internet.

The online gambling has brought with it fear of online theft, monetary frauds. There is a widespread clamour for a regulating body for the Online Gambling industry to curb these activities. These Gambling Watchdogs are a group of organizations who are designed to self regulate the gambling industry. They set up guidelines, best practices that all the mobile/online casinos and/or players must adhere to.

These Online Casino Watchdogs have means and ways to ensure that the casinos actually follow and live up to the measures. Any deviations from these best practices by all the member casinos will have their names blacklisted and not being certified.

Need for Casinos to be Casino Watchdogs Certified

The players are gambling with real money and it’s natural for them to be apprehensive of playing in online/mobile casinos. All these Android casinos, iPhone casinos, iPad casinos or even the traditional land based casinos must assure them of their credibility, authenticity.

Getting certified by these Online Casino Watchdogs is one way of doing so. They are assured that all the mobile slots, Roulettes, casino games are thoroughly tested for randomness and unpredictability as in a real life scenario. Only after passing these tests and other criteria will the casino be certified. Usually monthly audits are performed and the seal of approval can be posted prominently on the casino website.

Recognizing the Gambling Certifications

Being certified by these Online Casino Watchdogs ensures the payouts are fair; casino software is thoroughly tested for randomness. It helps the players to differentiate between good and rogue casinos. Usually displayed prominently on their websites, some of the certificates are from the main Gambling Watchdogs of the casino gambling industry such as eCOGRA, OPA, Gambling Commission, Interactive Gaming Council. The more certificates, the more credible and authentic the casinos are.


eCOGRA, the eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance, is a non profit organization run with the cooperation of casino owners, players and casino industry leaders. A UK based independent auditing firm, it is the first certificate that the players should look out for.

An eCOGRA seal of approval assures the players and other shareholders that the casino software and games are fair. Ensuring high standards and all the members comply with the eCOGRA’s Generally Accepted Practice (‘eGAP’) requirements, is done through regular reviews and monitoring by professional auditors.

Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission is an independent Online Casino Watchdog, established in 1999. It was set up to assure the players that the casinos are closely monitored for a safe online casino gaming experience. It was set up to regulate commercial gambling in the UK under the Gambling Act 2005. On 1st October 2013 it also took over the responsibilities of the National Lottery Commission to regulate the National Lottery under the National Lottery etc. Act 1993. It ensures that the casinos are crime free, open and fair.

Interactive Gaming Council

Established in 1999, the Canadian based Interactive Gaming Council, is an independent nonprofit organization. It also performs the same functions of assuring the players of safe, fair casino gaming. Among its members, the online/mobile casinos, game providers feature prominently from all over the world.

Online Players Association

Founded in 2000, the Online Players Association (OPA) is a collaboration between the players and the approved casinos. A common code of ethics and rules guide the casinos members to provide them a safe and secure environment for gaming. It ensures the players and casinos follow the guidelines and rules laid down.

Only after passing the approval process conducted by the OPA members and executives, will the casinos be allowed to publish the OPA approval logo.

Technical System Testing Certified (TST Certified)

Established in 1993, this independent testing and consulting services organization offers it services to various casino gaming companies. It ensures that all the casino software requirements and specifications are complied. Providing certification assures the players of better casino software guaranteeing fair gameplay.

Some of the other Online Casino certificates that the players should look out for are,


(Assures them the player personal information are protected by Distributed Denial of Service Protection and iDefense Security Intelligence Services)


(Assures the players that all the financial transactions conducted by the mobile/online casinos are legitimate and regularly monitored.)

All these Online Casino Watchdogs are in place to provide the players an enjoyable casino experience. They can play on their favourite games on their iPhones, iPad, Android Mobile Devices or tablets while on the move.

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