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Blog Posted on 23/02/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

A Complete Guide to Online Fibonacci Roulette System

All casino games are betting games, making win purely a matter of chance. However, some strategies are predicted to increase the probability of success, when employed in a correct way. They actually deal with the consecutive amounts of money a player invests while gambling.
Each of the betting strategies suggests the player follow a particular sequence while placing his bets. The progression of the sequence is decided by the result of the game: either a win or a defeat. Fibonacci Roulette System is one such betting strategy in which the player bets in the play of Roulette by resorting to Fibonacci series.

A Complete Guide to Online Fibonacci Roulette System

What is Fibonacci Roulette System?

It is a negative progression strategy in which the player is expected to increase the betting amount on a loss while decreasing it for a win. However, here, the amount set for betting must confine to Fibonacci sequence whose first two terms 0 and 1 are followed by the numbers obtained by adding two of the integers immediately preceding them i.e. 0, 1, 1(=0+1), 2(=1+1), 3(=1+2), 5(=2+3), 8(=3+5), 13(=5+8) and so on.

That is, in Fibonacci Roulette system, one has to start betting from 1 unit, say, £1. If lost, then the next betting amount would again be £1. If lost again, then, the betting amount will have to be increased to £2.

Likewise, the player should continue to bet by adhering to Fibonacci sequence until he encounters a win. When a win happens, the player has to move two steps backward along the series and then start to bet for the amount then encountered. For example, if one wins when betting for £13, then the next betting amount would be £5, after which the sequence is expected to continue.

In addition, if the player encounters a profit, then the series must be started from the beginning.

Pros and Cons

Fibonacci Roulette system would lead to profit provided the player has no long-running loss streaks. This is because of the negative progressive nature of the Fibonacci Roulette system in which the amount set for betting keeps on increasing till a win is encountered.

So, greater the number of defeats, greater will be the amount of bet and, even if won, might not fully compensate for the money lost.

For example, if the player wins while betting £13, the amount gained would be short of losses considerably as he would have lost (1+1+2+3+5+8) = £20.

Nevertheless, the amount lost in Fibonacci Roulette system is less in comparison to that in Martingale, making it a better choice. Moreover, the appealing simplicity of the Fibonacci series enables it to be followed easily even by a non-math gig.

Fibonacci Roulette system does not always ensure a profitable play, especially if the player suffers a loss on consecutive bets for a long time.

Thus, in this betting strategy, one is expected to set a limit on the maximum amount he would bet for. After which, it is advisable to restart the Fibonacci series. Although this system does not assure 100% success, it for sure helps one to manage the path along which the money flows. With this, the bets will be placed in a tractable manner rather than at random.

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