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Blog Posted on 27/11/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Playing Online Mobile Bingo Games at Vegas Mobile Casino

Do you think you know all about Bingo? There is always something which slips from the mind. Brush up on your Bingo rules at Vegas Mobile Casino to crack the Online Mobile Bingo games. A game of chance, concentration, Bingo is a no more the old ladies’ game. Increasingly popular among the younger lot, the Mobile or the Online Bingo is gaining acceptance worldwide.

Traditional or landline Bingo has the players match the randomly called out numbers to their Bingo cards. A winning Bingo card contains the drawn numbers to form a specific pattern and the first player hollers ‘Bingo!’ to alert others and inform the Caller about the win. The online or Mobile version does this automatically for you.

Online Mobile Bingo Gameplay

Take a chance at the elusive Bingo jackpot as the numbers are called. You can enjoy either the US or the European version of the Bingo on the mobile devices. Suitable for play on the Android or Blackberry phones or tablets, it is easily installed and played. What matters is the easy interface that makes the daubing process simpler to facilitate a winning pattern.

The players can play either of the two versions of Online Mobile Bingo games. For a taste of the US Bingo, the players match the pattern/numbers formed by the numbers drawn from 75 Bingo balls. The players buy the online Bingo cards that have numbers printed on a 5×5 grid under the letters B-I-N-G-O.

The numbers are listed under the letters only once. Each card has a total of 24 numbered spaces with one centre free space. The goal of the game is to fill up 5 squares vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in any one of the patterns shown on screen.

  • Numbers under B column: between 1 and 15
  • Numbers under I column: between 16 and 30
  • Numbers under N column: between 31 and 45
  • Numbers under G column: between 46 and 60
  • Numbers under O column: between 61 and 75

The UK/Australian version follows the same game rules except that it comprises of the 90 Bingo balls that is played using cards with a 3×9 layout. Your goal is ultimately to fill one, two or all the three rows of the Bingo Card.

Daub the Lucky Bingo Pattern

Playing the Online Mobile Bingo Games at Vegas Mobile Casino will make you forget about the real play. The number of cards for playing is automatically selected for each purchase of the Bingo game. Look out for the Bingo Pattern and the display board for the called number on the screen. Automatically have the system daub the number and call out Bingo for you. If you prefer to go traditional, you can manually do all this. The free Mobile Bingo gameplay makes it exceedingly comfortable for the new players to try their hand at Bingo before wagering real money. Without having to worry about the final result, the players can play for fun and enjoyment.

Pocket the Bingo Jackpot

Online Bingo is a very inexpensive game. With the Bingo cards starting from 1p and going up to 10p there are lots of games to play from. The more Bingo cards you play with the better are the winning chances. Each Bingo game has a jackpot that depends on the number of players that enter the game and the cards they play with. So go on and invite your friends and families to make it a friendly affair and the cool referral bonus can be yours.

Handy Tips for Online Mobile Bingo

Glance at these useful tips for a profitable and enjoyable time playing the Online Mobile Bingo games. The players are always encouraged to refer to the Vegas Mobile Casino’s banking, FAQ pages before playing with real money.

  • Make sure the website is legit. Visit online bingo forums, chat with other players to confirm the site’s authenticity.
  • Always read the terms and conditions before signing up.
  • For free Bingo games the rules regarding the bonus payout vary according to the games played.
  • Promotional newsletters are a great way to keep track of the upcoming events and the big jackpot bingo games.
  • Follow and respect the Bingo chat rules and etiquette.

Most importantly always play within your gambling limits. Never indulge in any activities that compromise on your principles and life. Play the Online Mobile Bingo games to have a memorable time while on the go. Make it more rewarding by winning the game prize from the extremely fast and quick gameplay.

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