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Blog Posted on 26/05/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Parlay – The Most Popular Casino Gambling Strategy

The Parlay casino gambling strategy is also sometimes called as the Pyramid betting strategy. It is what you would call the best and popular online casino strategy. It is another example of the progressive betting systems; where the original bet plus the profits are wagered in the subsequent bets. This continues, until you encounter a loss. You revert back to the original bet and continue playing.

An anti-thesis to the Martingale betting strategy, this offers a better advantage. You might end up on the losing side, as you have completely wagered your profit in the hope of winning. Even though, it is worthwhile in the short run, as a long term betting strategy, it not advisable to opt for this one.

How Parlay Betting Strategy Works

More commonly used by the occasional gambler, who is looking for a day of wins, the Parlay betting system acts as an accumulator. Sports betting are where this strategy is used by the punters, to make bets. For applying this system to the casino gaming settings, you must set an initial bet that you want to start with. Also, set the “maximum win” that you will take off from the table.

Consider the example of a roulette game, where the Parlay strategy is applied. You start out with the initial bet of $10, and the max wins of $ 80.

  • First bet of even money bet of $10 on red and win $20.
  • Second bet of $20 and you win $40.
  • Third bet of $40 and you win $80.

You withdraw the winnings as you have reached the maximum win. You start over by again placing the bet of $10 and continue playing the game. In the event that you lose anytime during this cycle, you begin with the initial bet.

The advantage of playing with the Parlay casino gambling strategy is that, you can always withdraw your winnings at any time. That’s the reason, there is a maximum win is generally set. If this was not the case, you might keep on betting your profits, and end up losing it all in case of a loss.

Probably another plus for this Parlay betting strategy is that, you don’t have to wager your entire profit. You have the choice to decide on how much of the profit you want to bet.

Know when to Stop

An often repeated rule, this is the best one to keep in mind when playing any casino game. You can’t go overboard and continue your winning streak indefinitely. All it takes is a single loss to dwindle your bankroll. Since you are progressively increasing your bets, a bit of self restraint, will guarantee in your making a profit.

Of all the online casino gambling strategies, the Parlay system is the most popular one. And probably the safest, as you wind up making profits regularly. The condition is that you keep withdrawing your profits, to counter any sudden loss.

Obviously, the more bets you make, the greater is the risk of losing it all. But, what’s gambling without risk, right? It’s the thrill of the unexpected wins that will forever draw the players towards gambling. You stand to win a big sum, by making a small initial bet. But inspite of everything, you are not changing the house edge. It is likely that you will lose in the long run.

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