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Blog Posted on 21/06/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Parlay Roulette System: Its Uses and Functions

Casino games involve essential betting for every round. The ever-so-popular games like Blackjack, Online Roulette, Baccarat etc requires a strategic betting system. Players have a different approach towards the wagering requirements depending on their winning/losing streak and bankroll. One very famous Roulette system of betting is the Parlay System. Its popularity hides in the fact that it is quite simple to implement.

Parlay Roulette System: Its Uses and Functions

Gambling is a matter of luck and a tiny bit of skills. Players need to understand the fact that games are designed in such a way that casinos always have a little advantage over the player. This is where the betting strategies come to the player’s rescue. These methods are a strategic approach for using the amount of bet to maximize the winnings and minimise the loss. Here’s a guide on how to use the Parlay Roulette System of betting.

What is the Parlay Roulette System?

It is a positive progression wagering method. A positive progressive method requires a player to increase the wager value every time he/she wins a round. It is a safer approach which is aimed at hopefully maximizing the winnings. This betting requires a player to risk the previously won casino money on the next rounds. It’s simple as that.

How to use the Parlay Roulette System?

This is probably the simplest roulette system of betting out there. All a player needs is to choose an initial wagering amount, to begin with. Following this, the player needs to raise the bet if he/she wins and return to the initial amount after a defeat. Also, a player needs to set a ‘maximum bet’ value which determines when he/she has to collect all the money.

Here is an example of the Parlay Roulette system of betting:

Suppose a player chooses $5 as the initial betting amount and $20 as maximum win amount. The player will start the game with an initial wager worth $5. If the bet wins him/her another $5 then according to the parlay method, the new wager amount will be $10. If he/she wins the second bet as well, the total winning amounts to $20.

Now the player will collect the money and start wagering with $5 value again. If in between before reaching the maximum winning amount, the player loses a bet. Then he/she must start again from the beginning with a bet worth the initial wager that is $5. This way a player will ensure that at least some money is withdrawn as soon as the max win limit is reached.

Is the Parlay Roulette System of Betting only limited to Even Bets?

An even bet refers to the wager where the winning payout is equal to the wager value. In most of the casino games, there are different types of bets depending on the odds of winning. Coming to the point, the parlay system can be used on any type of bet in Roulette and it works pretty much with the same efficiency.

How Helpful is the Parlay System?

This system of betting is a safe approach. It is helpful for players who get too greedy at times and end up losing more money than what they’ve earned. At the same time, this strategy does not affect the game odds at all.

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