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Blog Posted on 22/08/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Participate in Extreme Blackjack Marathon at Vegas Mobile Casino

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games; both at traditional and online casinos. There are many variants of this game and each one takes the excitement a notch higher. This time, Vegas Mobile Casino brings an offer that Blackjack lovers cannot resist. It’s your chance to win exciting cash prizes if you manage to be among the top five ranks. And this Extreme Blackjack Marathon promotion is open on various Extreme Blackjack tables.

Extreme Blackjack Marathon’s Fight to the Finish

Participate in Extreme Blackjack Marathon at Vegas Mobile Casino

When does the race begin?

Extreme Blackjack Marathon is open for all players at Vegas Mobile Casino from 12:00 AM of 24th of August 2017 up till 28th August 2017 at 11:59 PM. Each time you win any of the Blackjack games, you get 30 points. So you need to win as many games as possible to top the list. You can win some cash prize if you manage to be among top five by the end of this promotion.

What’s in it for the winners?

The leaderboard is updated on a real-time basis and a player with highest points gets the first prize. The top prize is valued at £600 cash followed by £500 for the player at second place. Players at third, fourth and fifth positions get £400, £300 and £200 respectively. Only players wagering real money can win these prizes. All cash prizes part of Extreme Blackjack Marathon will be paid to the winners within 72 hours after the promotion period ends.

Which Blackjack Tables can you play on?

  • Blackjack: This classic version of blackjack is played with a single hand against the dealer. With wagering limits of £1 to £500, you can win every time you beat the dealer with or without a blackjack hand. The rules are pretty standard and come with options such as insurance, split and double. The graphics are amazing and you can play with a computerized dealer.
  • Blackjack2: This is a variant with players who prefer playing with two hands of blackjack. You can still play against the computerized dealer but with the ability to simultaneously bets on two hands. Here you can stand a chance to win two hands at a time should the dealer get a BUST. You can play with betting limits of £1 to £500 on both the hands.
  • Blackjack3: This is another variant part of Extreme Blackjack Marathon played with multiple hands. There are a total of five hands you can simultaneously place your bets on and win more. The basic rules apply here on all five hands and you can play any number of hands per turn. The advantage here is, you can identify a stronger hand with help of game statistics and bet higher value coin on it.
  • Blackjack VIP: This is a variant that features a live human dealer to assist you. This game offers a realistic experience and allows you to chat with the dealer, just like in traditional casinos. The game even has a limit of £1 to £5000 for high rolling players. The game has a professional studio setup and is played with real cards as well.
  • Live Blackjack: There are many live dealer blackjack variants part of this Extreme Blackjack Marathon that you can play. These games all offer real live dealers facing superior quality cameras so you can get a realistic view of the game. These games are for players who prefer to play at land casinos with real cards and table.

Knock-out your Opponents & chase a Win

If you are a Blackjack Pro, it’s your chance to compete and show what you are worth. So head straight to Vegas Mobile Casino and get to a table of your choice. The Extreme Blackjack Marathon is all set to begin!

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