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Blog Posted on 02/04/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

PayPal – Safest Way to Play Mobile Casino Games

Think casinos and the first thing to pop to your mind are big money, glitz and glamour. Playing online is a risk that you are willing to take in the hope of making more cash and you don’t it swindled away. You trust your money to an unknown entity and choosing the best banking option is the only right thing to do. PayPal as this banking option is safe and secure. That said it’s also one of the popular payment option that’s available for the online casino player.

Mobile Casinos And PayPal

PayPal is making inroads in the casino industry only recently, although it’s been around for a long time. Being a US based company, because of the US gambling restrictions; you probably won’t find many casinos which accept this payment option. But this situation is changing due to its popularity and its foray into the European gambling scene.

As an option for casino banking, PayPal tops the list. Safe and secure are the catch words when describing this payment option. No wonder, it’s gaining over the other e-wallet options such as Neteller, Ukash or Skrill.

These options which act as cash voucher systems, allow only the payments to be made to your accounts. The PayPal gains over them as it’s both a depositing and withdrawing method. You can perform both these acts, with ease and confidentiality.

PayPal – A Well Oiled Payment System

There is no doubt that PayPal is the safest payment option that’s offered by the online and mobile casinos. So, how does this work out for you as a player?

Firstly, you don’t divulge any of your bank account and personal details to the casinos. It basically acts as an extension of your land based bank. There is only one time during the account setup that you are required to provide this information. To use this option you need to:

  • Set up a basic PayPal account. Give all the relevant details, security questions and you’re done.
  • Fund your account. Either use your credit/debit card or link your bank account to this account. The amount is transferred to your account as per the timings dictating the method.
  • Use this account to make casino payments or to withdraw the winnings.
  • You need to only use the account ID to use this option in the mobile casinos.

How is PayPal Safe and Secure?

PayPal is an E-wallet service that makes use of only the ID and password as a way of making a banking transaction in the mobile casinos. The benefit of using these third party services is that you don’t divulge your sensitive bank account details every time you make a transaction.

PayPal takes it one step further, by using the encryption technologies as seen in a bank, for making an online banking transaction. No third party access to the servers is allowed until it’s from authorised computers or personnel. As long as you don’t reveal your password to anyone, your money is as safe as it can be.

There is also a record for every transaction that you make using your account. This can be used to resolve any of the disputes that can occur between you and the mobile casinos. This also acts a tight rope for your gambling activities, giving a detailed account. Plus, you are informed of any unauthorised activities on your PayPal account instantly.

Probably the only disadvantage that one can think of, is that of is a failed transaction due to lack of funds. This is not a major issue. But one niggling factor is the number of online mobile casinos that accept this mode of payment for making a transaction. But, considering the advantages of using this method of payment, this will also reduce over time.

On a closing note, PayPal will definitely take over as one of the most widely used casino banking methods. Fast, safe and secure are the magic words for making PayPal the best transfer system that’s available right now.

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