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Blog Posted on 29/11/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Play the all-new Double Zero Roulette At Vegas Mobile Casino!

Double Zero Roulette is identical to American Roulette game that enjoys wide popularity. It comes with a Roulette wheel with 38 pockets out of which two are labelled zero and double zero, hence the name Double Zero Roulette. The European version comes with 37 pockets with no double zero pockets.

Know More About Double Zero Roulette

Play the all-new Double Zero Roulette At Vegas Mobile Casino!

To play the online Double Zero Roulette, you press the join button to enter the Roulette table. You then select the chip corresponding to the bet that you would like to place. You can proceed to spin only after selecting at least the minimum chip of £1. The rules, payouts, the look and the feel are just the copy of the American Roulette.

You can place bets in various ways. The outside bets can be placed on red/black colour; odd/even number, high/low etc whereas the inside bets are placed on specific numbers. As the probability of winning an inside bet is less, hence such a bet pays much more than an outside bet. So it is up to you to either enjoy a high-risk game or to enjoy a low risk with consistent payouts.

Quality Graphics With A User-Friendly Interface

One thing that makes this game apart from the other versions is the attention to detail the developers at NextGen has put in designing the graphics. The numbers are highlighted once they are hovered over, meaning you can know for certain the numbers on which you are placing the bet. Such obvious features aren’t available in the most other online versions. The colours used in creating the game completely go with the theme. Moreover, it has quite an intuitive control panel to aid you in hassle-free enjoyment. Nothing can beat the ease of which camera angles can be adjusted for a better view of the entire Roulette table.

The Chance To Play The World’s Most Loved Casino Game

None other casino table game enjoys the popularity as the Roulette does. Thereby, there is nothing like the chance to play it from the comfort of your own couch at any time of the day. Moreover, the simplicity and decent returns of Double Zero Roulette make it a game of choice for an authentic casino experience over other slot and scratch card games.

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